7 Top Reasons to Ship with Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers

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Poly mailers have been gaining popularity for shipping over the years. They are lightweight, plastic packaging envelopes made of moisture-resistant polyethylene. The bags are available in various sizes and dimensions and offer strong protection. And that’s not all; there are many reasons why it is perfect for shipping with poly mailers.

Check the top reasons why you should ship with poly mailers

1. Can be customized

With custom poly mailers, you can be sure to delight your customers with a great unboxing experience. You can even include images, colors and other materials for a better experience. Also, custom poly mailers are ideal for branding. You can print your company brand directly onto them for better awareness. It accommodates other branding options, such as stickers and stamps.

2. Poly mailers are affordable

Packaging and shipping costs vary depending on shipping distance and package weight. Poly mailers are the least expensive and help cut packaging weight because they add far less weight than other packaging alternatives.

When using dimensional weight, poly mailers take the shape of the product. It decreases the dimension weight by adding only a few millimeters in thickness. Transportation will be cheaper because they take up less space, helping you increase business productivity.

3. They offer extra protection

They offer an extra layer of protection from unfortunate shipping damages. Also, they are tear, puncture, dirt and water resistant due to their high-quality polyethylene walls.

4. Easy to pack and seal

The envelope format of poly mailers makes them quick to open and load the items. You can roll up and fold them if they are too big for the item. Also, closing them is simple due to the peel-and-seal adhesive strip at the top. If the item is returnable, poly mailers have a second peel and seal strip to enable the client to close it for the return trip.

5. They are reusable

Poly mailers have a tear strip which allows you to reuse them. The feature makes them ideal for returnable items and eco-conscious clients who want to reuse the package.

Most brands are on environmental-conscious foundations and require the use of eco-friendly packaging. The good news is many poly mailers from various packaging companies are eco-friendly. Alternatively, you can approach a reputable packaging company to make you recyclable and biodegradable custom poly mailers.

6. Adaptability

Poly mailers are the most versatile shipping material. It is flexible, and the exact size poly mailer can fit items of different shapes and sizes. You can pack your jewelry, t-shirt and other items on the same poly mailers. Its adaptability is ideally beneficial to businesses that sell various products in various sizes and shapes.

7. Convenience

The number of items you’ll be shipping will determine the shipping materials you need.

Many businesses end up stacked with different-sized materials that pile up their businesses. But that would not be the case if they used poly mailers. Poly mailers are convenient shipping material for various items as they are thin and easier to store.


Poly mailers are a popular packaging choice for many sellers. As discussed above, they are cheap, lightweight and save on space than other alternatives. Also, they are easy to use, and it’s a sustainable packaging method.

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