A Guide to Safe and Effective Christmas Light Installation


Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

The holiday season is magical when homes and neighborhoods sparkle with festive lights and decorations. As you deck your halls this Christmas, you may wonder how to hang lights on your home. Putting up Christmas lights can be tricky – how do you reach high areas safely? What about connecting strands without overloading circuits?

This is where the Christmas light installation experts at Christmas Light Installation in Homer Glen IL, come in. LightUpTheBurbs.com has been brightening homes in Homer Glen, IL, and surrounding areas for over a decade. Their experienced team handles every aspect of outdoor Christmas light installation for residential and commercial clients.

This article will provide tips on safe and effective Christmas light installation, whether you plan to DIY or hire a professional lighting company like LightUpTheBurbs.com. We’ll consider important considerations like safety, electricity capacity, aesthetics, and teardown. Let’s start decking those halls!

Safety First When Putting Up Christmas Lights

Safety should always come first when installing exterior Christmas lights and decorations in your home. Here are some essential safety tips:

  • Use a sturdy ladder and have someone spot you when using it. Make sure to follow the proper procedures for setting up ladders.
  • Never overload extension cords or outlets. Check that circuits are not overloaded before connecting light strands.
  • Use outdoor-rated cords and outlets. Indoor cables can short-circuit when exposed to the elements.
  • Consider hiring a professional, insured lighting company like LightUpTheBurbs.com to handle anything requiring tall ladders or roof access. Their team has years of experience safely installing Christmas lights at heights.

Choose the Right Christmas Lights for Your Home

The lighting experts at LightUpTheBurbs.com recommend using LED Christmas lights rather than incandescent. LEDs are more durable in outdoor weather conditions. They also use up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, saving you electricity costs.

When mapping out your Christmas light display, determine what areas to highlight on your home’s decor. Do you want an all-over glow or to spotlight architectural features? Mix lengths of mini light strands to create dimension. Use pathway lights and spotlights to illuminate trees and bushes.

Finally, consider adding lighting effects like net lights, projection patterns, or RGB color-changing lights. The pros at Christmas Light Installation in Near Me can help design a custom light show synchronized to music if you want to take your display to the next level!

Figure Out Your Electrical Plan for Christmas Lights

Connecting multiple strands of Christmas lights can be like solving a puzzle. You’ll figure out how to link areas of your display without overloading circuits or tripping breakers.

The team at LightUpTheBurbs.com maps out a lighting plan based on your home’s capacity. They can tell you how many light strands can safely be connected per outlet. They’ll have extra outdoor outlets so your entire display can shine bright if needed.

If you DIY your light installation, carefully read manufacturer instructions on how many light strand sections can be connected. Plug strands into multiple circuits if possible. Test your connections before fully installing lights to catch any tripped breakers.

Creative Christmas Lighting Ideas for Maximum Holiday Cheer

Once you have safely secured your Christmas lights and sorted out the electrical logistics, deciding how and where to hang them is fun!

Beyond just stringing lights on the perimeter of your home and wrapping bushes, get creative with your display. Here are some ideas to make your home the talk of the neighborhood this holiday season:

  • Hang icicle lights along roof edges
  • Outline windows and door frames with mini-lights
  • Drape net lights over trees and bushes
  • Project patterns like snowflakes on the garage door
  • Decorate a pathway to your front door with spotlights
  • Adorn outdoor columns or pergolas with wreath lights

The Christmas light installation technicians at LightUpTheBurbs.com can bring all these creative ideas to life with their expert design skills. They use lifts and boom trucks to reach high areas safely when decorating clients’ homes for the holidays.

Easy Takedown of Christmas Lights to Store

Once the holiday season winds down, it’s time to take those twinkling lights back down. Removing and storing your Christmas lights properly makes reinstallation easier next year.

The pros at LightUpTheBurbs.com recommend coiling each light strand neatly onto storage reels. This prevents bulbs from cracking or wires getting knotted up. Carefully pack away the reels in plastic bins, sorted by areas of your light display.

Finally, don’t take down those clips or hooks you used to hang lights! Leaving them up all year long can damage your home’s home. The technicians at LightUpTheBurbs.com remove all the hardware they install each season.

For Effortless Outdoor Christmas Lighting, Contact the Experts!

We hope these tips give you ideas for decorating your home with Christmas cheer this holiday season. But if tackling a central lighting display seems overwhelming, LightUpTheBurbs.com is here to help! Their professional technicians handle all aspects of Christmas light installation and takedown.

With over a decade of experience, LightUpTheBurbs.com has lit up hundreds of homes in the Homer Glen, IL area. They use specialized equipment to decorate hard-to-reach areas like rooflines safely and effectively. This full-service Christmas lighting company will brighten your home for the holidays!

To learn more about LightUpTheBurbs. Call commas light installation services today at (630) 931-0446. Their team is booking appointments to ensure your display sparkles this holiday season!