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It is fair to say that we’ve all heard the expression that something is too good to be true. This idea always seems the most applicable when someone claims that they can make you a lot of money. People often wonder whether Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter is too good to be true. 

What the Real Profits Unlimited Newsletter Is All About

This newsletter has a specific focus on tech stocks. Particular attention gets paid to IoT or the “internet of things.” The newsletter has two different subscription levels: a standard subscription, and a premium subscription. 

At its core, this newsletter looks for stocks that have the potential to rise in value. As the newsletter reader, you want this information so that you can invest in the stocks before they start to head up in price and value.

What the Different Subscription Levels Offer

Since there are different subscription levels, it stands to reason that the higher you go, the more information you will get. Of course, this also means that as you go to the higher tiers, you will pay more for a subscription.

The fact that you have to pay for advice from someone claiming you will make tons of money is what makes many wonder whether this is a Paul Mampilly scam or sound investment advice.

The standard subscription gets you the digital edition of the newsletter for one year. It also gets you several special reports and access to the Model Portfolio that tells you when Paul Mampilly has just bought or sold a stock.

The premium edition gets you all of these features, plus a printed edition of the newsletter mailed to you. The premium edition also comes with many additional reports not included in the standard tier.

The Type and Style of Investing This Newsletter Offers 

The stated goal of Profits Unlimited is to make a hedge fund style of investing available to regular, everyday investors. The promise is that the newsletter will pay specific attention to stocks that are ready to explode.

One thing to note is that the investment strategy used here is quite an extended position and is not a “day trading” type of investment. Investors will generally hold the stocks for at least six months, but they could also hold them up to two or three years. 

So Is This a Good Investment Strategy Resource, or Is It Just a Scam?

Have you ever heard the expression “a fool and their money will soon part?” If you don’t know much about the world of stock investment, it can be easy to feel like you are always the fool about to lose your money. 

In fairness, any person who is going to invest in stocks will take a risk. This risk will be especially high for people who are new to stock trading or have very little information about the stocks they plan to trade. 

With that in mind, the question of whether or not this is a scam boils down to how much homework you are willing to do after you read the newsletter. This newsletter should be just one of several sources of information you use to make decisions. The only way to know whether any of these sources are good is to see the results you get from using each.

It is not fair to call Profits Unlimited a scam. For a fee, you get opinions and information about stocks that you can choose to purchase. In the end, the success or failure of your investment boils down to the amount of work and effort you will put into the endeavor of investing in the stock market.

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