A Pool Maintenance Guide You Can Use

    A Pool Maintenance Guide You Can Use
    Pool Maintenance

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    Owning a swimming pool has many benefits, but it also comes with many responsibilities. Every property owner should be aware of this before they build a swimming pool or before they buy a property that has a swimming pool. While it may be possible for property owners to maintain their own pools, this job is best left to experts, such as Dolphin Pools. This is because the average property owner lacks the knowledge, expertise, tools, equipment, and supplies needed to properly maintain pools. 

    The Importance of Swimming Pool Maintenance

    Nobody ever wants to swim in dirty or contaminated water. You run the risk of contracting diseases if you accidentally drink contaminated pool water while swimming. You can also catch skin diseases if you swim in contaminated water. 

    Poor pool maintenance can also reduce the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool. This is because the dirty walls and floor of the swimming pool will make it look unsightly.

    If the diving board is not properly maintained, using the swimming pool can be dangerous. To ensure optimal safety and comfort in the pool area, you need to hire a professional to maintain the pool regularly.

    How to Maintain Swimming Pools

    Pool maintenance needs to address two key issues. The first is the quality of the water while the other is the cleanliness of the walls and floor of the swimming pool.

    1. Maintaining the Water

    Ideally, the water in the swimming pool should be free of any debris and contaminants. This can be achieved through regular skimming of the water surface to remove floating debris and other particles. In addition to that, the water chemistry should be right. The pH level and chloride content in the water need close monitoring. The appropriate pool chemicals should be added to improve water quality. Pool maintenance professionals know how best to test water quality and the right chemicals to use to restore the balance. 

    If your swimming pool looks green and cloudy, this could be an indication that the concentration of phosphates is high. Please note that phosphates usually promote the growth of algae, so you need to deal with this problem urgently.

    Water testing is an important part of pool maintenance. This is because alkalinity levels usually affect water quality. The ideal alkalinity level is between 120-150ppm. If the alkalinity level of your pool water is higher or lower than this, suitable chemicals should be added to restore the desired alkalinity level.

    Pool water should have a pH of 7.5. If your pool water has a lower or higher pH level, corrective measures should be taken. Experienced pool maintenance professionals know how to restore the balance. Calcium levels also need to be managed to ensure the pool water has between 200-400ppm calcium level.

    In addition to skimming the water surface to remove debris, water quality testing, addition of pool chemicals and circulation of water in the pool are also crucial. This can be achieved with help of a circulation pump. This pump should run at least several hours every single day. 

    Water filtration is also crucial, so the water filtration system also needs to be serviced during maintenance. This can only be done by competent professionals.

    2. Pool Cleaning

    Even after skimming the water surface to remove debris, you still need to clean the walls of the pool to get rid of any scaling, algae and stains. There are different types of brushes you can use to scrub the walls of the swimming pool. This should be done regularly by an expert. Consider investing in a robotic or automatic pool cleaner. Vacuuming the floor of your swimming pool can also help to get rid of debris. A clean swimming pool floor and walls will ensure your swimming pool looks sparkling clean and inviting all the time.

    3. General Pool Maintenance

    It is imperative you check the diving board and any railing to ensure they are firmly in place. Loose boards and rails can cause serious injuries, so they need to be secured firmly in place. Swimming pools also need to be tested for leaks, which should be plugged quickly to not only prevent further water loss, but also prevent any water damage from taking place.

    Choosing a Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

    There are many firms that offer pool maintenance services in every city. Since all these firms are different, property owners have to conduct some research to find the best service provider for their needs.

    Licensing and experience are two key factors to be taken into consideration during your research. The ideal contractor must be registered, licensed, and insured. Insurance is a key requirement because you do not want to be exposed to any liabilities. The types and sizes of pools a firm has been maintaining over the years should be checked. The ideal firm should have plenty of experience maintaining the type of pool you own.

    It is recommended you go through a couple of reviews and ratings to get additional information about the reputation of the shortlisted contractors. Lastly, you need to compare the costs quoted by all the firms on your list to find contractors who will give you value for money.