Acromatic Deep Hole Gun Drilling Service Applications

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Deep hole drilling and gun hole drilling are the most specialized forms of machining when you require long holes drilled to exact tolerances.

This is work that must be done by companies such as Acromatic of Michigan, which have a history of providing the aerospace and defense industries with precision gun drilling for more than 50 years.

If you’re asking yourself where you can obtain gun drilling services near me, then consider the following deep hole gun drilling service application available from one of the most trusted names in the industry. They have a proven track record of quality work acquired over many years of working with contractors across the nation.

Their work is trusted by the aerospace, automotive, and defense industries for a diverse range of products, from fuel injector bodies to heat exchanger units and aircraft landing gear. In fact, any piece of equipment where hydraulic fluids or fuel are needed can benefit from the expertise that deep hole gun drilling services bring to the equation.

In the oil industry, deep hole drilling allows for the precision engineering required for oilfield exploration equipment manufacture.

Drilling Specifications

VDI Standard 3210 describes deep hole drilling as the process of boring holes with an inside diameter between 0.2 and 2000 mm. It goes on to specify that the depth of these holes is equal to or greater than three times the specified diameter.

Within the defense, aerospace, and motor vehicle industries, a large variety of metals are utilized, from bar stock to a range of fabricated parts. Because of the complexity of the holes being drilled and the range of materials through which these holes are cut, the ability to provide precisely cut holes that are straight and conform to very fine tolerances is no easy feat.

The expertise to make these cuts using a full array of highly specialized equipment is confined to very few specialized companies. Depending on the holes that need to be cut, specialized tools are fabricated to make provision for the shapes and sizes designed into the parts.

Acromatic has the machinery to drill to the full range of depths and diameters for all production requirements. They offer the ability to drill diameters of 0.93” (23,62 mm) to 5” (127 mm) up to a depth of 150” (3,810mm).

No matter if you require these holes in industrial-grade steel, stainless steel, or copper, they can work to precise measurements and exact tolerances. These include both center and off-center drilling.

The use of both symmetrical and asymmetrical tools ensures that they have the ability to produce smooth, accurate bores with a minimum of roughness. There is no comparison in the ability of deep hole drilling to produce precision results when compared with conventional twist drills.


The aerospace industry requires exceedingly high tolerances and precision cuts. When drilling holes that are up to 200 times deeper than their inside diameter, smooth, clean, and uniform cuts require exceptional expertise and experience.

The use of BTA and gun drills in the aerospace industry involves more than just the knowledge of how to use the machinery, but also the ability to fabricate tools and design drilling processes that enable the job to be completed timeously and to specification.

Failure to cool the material during the process as well as remove the waste metal can negatively impact the finished product. This knowledge only comes with years of experience.

High-Grade Cooling Ability

Together with the fine tolerances come high levels of friction on tiny surface areas.

To counteract this, an efficient and highly capable means of cooling is required.

The use of grooved drill shafts with oil as a medium for lubrication and cooling is used both to keep the temperatures under control and also as a means to remove waste material.

These carbide-tipped, single-lip drilling tools are used alongside other high-tech equipment to satisfy the aerospace and defense industries.

Automotive Gun Drilling Michigan

With the advances in automotive technology, what was once the preserve of high-end or exotic vehicle manufacturing is becoming more commonplace.

Take, for instance, the use of sodium-filled valves and multi-speed transmissions using hollow shafts and off-center holes to facilitate lubrication and hydraulic sequencing.

Taking these features into the production of everyday vehicles allows for greater fuel efficiency and performance.

Acromatic can offer this level of fabrication to a far greater degree due to the availability of the technology and machinery on hand. Parts are stronger, lighter, and more efficient, offering less weight without changing the exterior dimensions.

Defense Contracts

Providing precision machining services to the defense industry entails a long and rigorous vetting process.

Acromatic is proud to have a long history of providing deep hole gun drilling services in a variety of metals, including aluminum and super alloys, across a host of applications.

Their facilities can provide gun drilling at short notice. These services enable them to provide a range of hole sizes to a high tolerance and level of finish. The resulting parts are both lighter and stronger, utilizing less material for a cost-effective solution.

The provision of BTA drilling and gun drilling service applications together with processes designed to reduce waste and production time result in up to 60% less drilling time, up to 40% less setup time, and very quick delivery times.

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