ADSL Plan: Should I Get Now?

ADSL Plan: Should I Get Now?

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

It can be difficult to decide on ADSL vs. NBN, and it is a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking for a new internet plan. ADSL plans have been around longer than the NBN, which was only released in 2009. This means ADSL plans generally offer more features and benefits than an NBN plan does – but this doesn’t mean that the ADSL plan is always better! It all depends on what you need from your internet service provider (ISP). If you’re not sure which option might suit you best, keep reading to find out how ADSL and NBN compare side by side:

ADSL offers unlimited data while the NBN caps at 100GB per month of usage and charges $10  per additional GB used.

ADSL is easier to install and use, as it requires less hardware than the NBN does – ADSL uses your existing telephone lines while an NBN connection requires a special router that works with fiber optic cables.

ADSL has no data limits (unlike 100GB per month on the NBN), which makes ADSL better if you like streaming videos online or playing video games: these activities can quickly eat up your monthly data allowance! However, there are many different types of ADSL plans available so make sure you choose one suited to what you need from internet access before signing any contracts.

The price for unlimited ADSL plans starts at around $40 p/m but this will depend on where in the country you live.

ADSL is generally much cheaper than an NBN plan, and ADSL plans can be purchased without signing a contract if you’re not completely satisfied with the service – and there are no early termination fees to worry about!

ADSL plans are also more suitable for rural areas, as ADSL doesn’t require the infrastructure that an NBN connection does.

The biggest downside of ADSL is its speed: ADSL can only go up to 24Mbps whereas NBN offers speeds greater than 25Mpbs in most cases. This means you won’t be able to stream HD content if you have ADSL which could mean it’s worth considering changing your plan or provider if this is something that matters to you!

If high internet speeds are important to you then ADSL probably isn’t right for your home – but remember there are many providers who offer unlimited ADSL plans with attractive data limits and prices so don’t discount them just yet! You might find ADSL is an excellent option if you only need internet access for light use.

ADSL offers a cheaper and more accessible alternative to NBN and it’s still widely used in rural areas but ADSL isn’t suitable for everyone: it might be better suited to your needs than the NBN so don’t dismiss ADSL plans before considering all of your options!