Advantages of Widescreen LCD Monitor

Advantages of Widescreen LCD Monitor

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

When buying cheap LCD monitors, screen monitors are a better choice than traditional CRT monitors and other LCD monitors. Let’s look at some of its benefits:

Improve your daily routine

Widescreen LCD monitor uses high definition video to capture full screen. The aspect ratio of these monitors is usually 16:10, which allows you to display these small black ribbons above and below the image. Such a monitor allows the viewer to better enjoy the image quality and have more fun every day. Whether you want to watch a movie or play a game, widescreen monitors give you a better viewing experience with a normal aspect ratio than a CRT or LCD monitor.

More fun for the game

If you want to play computer games or games on TV, you can get a better gaming experience with a wide screen LCD monitor, as almost all modern games support this format. Video and graphics quality of such monitors is better. However, it does not support most older games. You can find a wide range of sports forums where you can find a wide range of popular sports games for how to setup triple monitors for sim racing.

Great choice for professionals

A cheap LCD monitor is great for professionals. First of all, working with a regular CRT system can be dangerous for the eyes, putting too much pressure on the eye and causing cataract problems. Screen monitors do not emit such rays and put minimal pressure on your eyes.

Whether you’re in the creative field or using it in everyday office work using Microsoft Word or Excel, a widescreen monitor lets you work on two or more windows at once. This is great for accountants, graphic designers who like to plan and compare different sources at the same time, as well as stock exchanges that are interested in monitoring stock movements.

If you are in the field of design, you should like to work on a computer with a screen monitor, so that you can create clear and distinct images with your design, as it will have enough space and surface area for large screens.

Different benefits

Widescreen monitors take up less space and are easier to use than traditional CRT monitors. In addition, cheaper LCD monitors use less power than CRT monitors, which helps you save on electricity costs.

I spit for about a year, I needed an LCD monitor for my computer, but the price was crazy, so I decided to wait a bit. A few months ago when I was in Dubai I decided to buy an LCD monitor because the price was low. I found a 17 “monitor, but eventually bought a 19” screen. The reason is that I get “19 out of the money spent in Dubai, 17 in India”. As we all know … size matters … at least on the monitor!

I did some research on this monitor before I bought it and I am happy to share it.

So why do I need an LCD first? It has many advantages – they are slim, light and less space, easy to move / clear, reduce eye strain, save more energy than CRT (really low energy), and LCD screens display better.

First I thought about the price. I didn’t want a very expensive model, but I didn’t want a “new name” brand. Then came the size – I used a 17 “Samsung monitor, so the I7” was good for me. While watching, I saw beautiful things on the 19-inch screen and went to the big screen from India with prices. The next thing on my list was reaction time. I needed an immediate response time (8-12 ms) so that the image would not “crawl” during play. The response time on my Benq screen was 8 ms and I didn’t see any color. I also avoided the manufacturer’s “dead pixel” policy. Apparently, dead pixels don’t require an LCD screen – even a dead pixel in the middle of the screen can ruin your LCD experience. Before buying an LCD, ask the seller to show you a complete black image (easy to do in Microsoft Paint), you can remove the dead pixels. See the company’s dead pixel policy. If you find a pixel that has died during the warranty period, will they replace the monitor? Test before you buy an LCD monitor – the seller will give you the same monitor, not a new one.

One thing to keep in mind about the LCD screen is that it has a bad viewing angle, which means you have to sit right in front of it to look good. The better the production, the larger the view area and the “no front” space does not cover the screen. everything

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