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If you are looking for a reliable law firm in Chandigarh, with experienced lawyers in their stable, you have come to the right place. AM Partners is a leading law firm based out of Chandigarh that provides various legal services to individuals and businesses in and across India (even NRIs). Whether you need help with civil, criminal, corporate, family, property, or any other legal matter, AM Partners has the expertise and resources to handle your case efficiently and professionally – as one would expect from the best law firm in Chandigarh.

But what makes this legal firm in Chandigarh one of the leading in the city? Read this blog to find out!

Why Choose AM Partners?

AM Partners is not just another law firm. Our team of passionate and dedicated lawyers, some of whom have been in the legal industry for over 20 years, strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Here are some of the reasons why it is considered the best law firm in Chandigarhfor all your legal needs:


Anil Mehta and Partners has been in the industry for decades, serving clients from various walks of life and diverse backgrounds. We have handled thousands of cases successfully, ranging from simple financial disputes to complex NRI inheritance litigation. Armed with a deep understanding of the Indian legal system and the local laws and regulations of Chandigarh, and its surrounding areas like UP and Delhi NCR, our lawyers specialise in a wide range of fields that lead to countless success stories.


A diverse and talented pool of lawyers who specialise in different areas of law is an inherent need for any law firm in Chandigarh that claims the ability to handle any type of legal issue, no matter how big or small, simple or complicated – and we deliver there too. We have lawyers who are experts in:

  • Civil law
  • Criminal law
  • Corporate law
  • Family law
  • Property law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Tax law
  • Labour law
  • Consumer law, and more.

Depending upon your specific needs and preferences, we can match you with the best lawyer for your case.


As the best law firm in Chandigarh, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity in our work, whether it’s in protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our clients and their information or avoiding conflicts of interest. We are honest and transparent in our communication and billing – no charges or any hidden fees or expenses. We provide you with a clear and detailed fee agreement before we start working on your case.


AM Partners is driven by the goal of achieving excellence in every case we handle. Our team works hard to research, prepare, and present the best possible arguments and evidence for our clients, every day. To make sure that our clients get only the experience that they can get from the best law firm in Chandigarh, we:

  • Use the latest technology and tools to enhance our efficiency
  • Constantly update our knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the curve
  • Monitor the progress of your case closely and keep you updated on every development.


AM Partners is not just a law firm, but a partner in your legal journey. We understand that facing a legal issue can be stressful at your best, and overwhelming other times. That’s why we listen to your needs as we believe in treating every client with respect, compassion, and care and tailor our services accordingly. We’ll keep you informed and involved throughout the process and provide you with regular feedback, updates, and guidance, even arranging for emotional support and counselling if specifically requested by our clients.

What Services Do AM Partners Offer?

AM Partners offers a comprehensive range of legal services to cater to your specific needs, no matter how niche (yes, even crypto!). Some of the services we offer as law firms in Chandigarh include:

Civil Litigation

We represent clients in civil disputes involving contracts, torts, property, inheritance, consumer rights, etc. We handle cases at all levels of courts and tribunals in Chandigarh

and across India. Whether you need help to file or defend a suit, obtain interim relief, conduct discovery, examine witnesses, argue motions, or negotiate settlements, we are the law firm Chandigarh residents should come to. We also assist you in enforcing judgments and executing decrees.

Criminal Litigation

Criminal cases can get quite complicated quite easily if you’re an accused, which is why we defend clients accused of criminal offences first by helping you understand the charges against you, the evidence against you, and the possible consequences. Then, we prepare your defence strategy and represent you before the police, the magistrate, and the trial court. We also assist clients in obtaining bail, anticipatory bail, quashing FIRs, etc. We also help you file appeals and revisions if needed.

Corporate Law

We advise and assist clients on various aspects of corporate law, just like you’d expect the best law firm in Chandigarh to:

  • Company formation,
  • Registration
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  • Foreign investment, etc.

Whether you need help in choosing the right type of business entity and registering it with the relevant authorities, or drafting and reviewing corporate documents such as memorandum and articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, partnership deeds, etc, we can get it done. We also help you comply with various laws and regulations such as the:

  • Companies Act
  • Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
  • Income Tax Act
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST), etc.

Family Law

When dealing with family-related issues such as marriage, divorce, maintenance, alimony,

child custody, adoption, domestic violence, etc., as the best law firm in Chandigarh, we offer solutions to your family disputes amicably through mediation or arbitration if possible. But of course, many lawyers in our team also take on clients to represent them in court in these types of family disputes and even ones we missed here.

What It Takes to Stay on Top

Whether your legal needs amount to simple writ work or belong to the twisted corridors of the Indian legal system with issues like adoption, marriage, divorce, inheritance, or even fraud, we’ve got you covered at AM Partners. Our secret to becoming the best law firm in Chandigarh? We think it’s catering to serve the legal needs of people without discriminating on any kind of bias, striving to provide the best service we can.

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1. What kind of NRI services does AM Partners offer?

If you’re an NRI and have any case in India regarding divorce, land disputes, marriage, adoption, and even crypto, among others, AM partners probably have a lawyer specialising in that area.

2. Can I find the offices of AM Partners anywhere outside Chandigarh?

Yes, in addition to our offices at Chandigarh, AM Partners now has offices in Delhi and Mumbai too.

3. Do AM Partners have good property lawyers?

Yes, the founder of AM Partners, Mr Anil Mehta has been practising civil law himself in his career of over 14 years and is accompanied by a team of other property lawyers like Sukriti Kaur, Livleen Brar, Nishant Inder, and others.

4. Which countries do most of the NRI clients of AM Partners come from?

Most of the NRI clientele of AM Partners is comprised of residents of UAE, the US, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, and New Zealand.