An Online Sales Guide For Stylists

An Online Sales Guide For Stylists
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Last Updated on July 30, 2022 by rida

With so many options and websites to choose from, picking out the perfect outfit can be quite a bit of work for a stylist. On top of that, navigating through sales periods on Black Friday, Boxing day, Christmas, etc., can be pretty tedious.

With a fashion degree from a reputed course, you can set out to conquer the world as a stylist.

To pick out what you need and what you would want to wear, a stylist needs to understand how to navigate the maze that is online shopping. Here is a small guide to help stylists navigate the labyrinth of online shopping, even during the holidays.

Work Backwards

With the Australian fashion e-commerce industry currently valued at $3.1 billion, styling is also something that is taking off as well. Before you start shopping, you must first do a stocktake of your entire wardrobe. Only then proceed to add items into your cart.

Put together the outfit you like, and then work your way backwards to find the missing pieces. This way, you won’t make the mistake of buying something you already own.

Get on the VIP List

If you want the early comer discount, you need to get on the VIP list now! A lot of brands usually share early access to sales with their subscribers. So if you are worried about your wishlist item selling out before you could get to it, subscribe to the brand’s mailing list.

This way, you will be informed when the sale goes live, and you can order the item before it runs out. These mailing lists are generally free to join, and you can unsubscribe anytime you want.

Know Your Measurements

The huge sizing inconsistency in Australia makes it difficult for you to understand your actual clothing size. Knowing your measurements can hence prove handy during online shopping. Jot down your measurements in the notes app and refer to it whenever you find an item you like.

Here are the key measurements you need to consider:

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Inseam
  • Hip
  • Height


Once you have your measurements noted down, proceed with pre-shopping. When stylists pre-shop, they generally research the pieces they need and bookmark them into a dedicated folder.

This saves a lot of time during sales and makes sure you aren’t distracted by what you don’t need.

Leave Some Wiggle Room

Shopping purposefully and responsibly doesn’t mean you end up shopping. Explore new brands, colours, and styles you wouldn’t usually go for. Make sure that you have a little money set aside for things that might catch your eye.


Do you ever find yourself leaning towards the same type or style of clothes you already own? This is primarily due to the RAS, or Reticular Activating System, and it has you end up in a style rut.

RAS has you look for more of the same thing since it is your brain’s filtering system that keeps you from getting overwhelmed by all the new information you come in contact with every day. Overcoming RAS is a big part of the styling system taught to fashion degree students.

Hence, make sure you are aware of RAS while shopping the next time!


Stylists have tons of work cut out for them, from research to navigating the maze of holiday sales. A fashion degree is recommended if you want to become a stylist. Make sure you use these above tips to make your way through shopping without wasting excess money or rebuying something you already own!

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