What Is the Apprentice Plumber Salary in Florida? All About It

apprentice plumber salary in florida

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The apprentice plumber’s salary in Florida depends on many factors. It usually depends on whether you work as a licensed plumber or a local plumber. However, the salary range may vary depending on where you live and many other essential factors. It depends on the position of the employer he is currently working on. In addition, your work experience and training, as well as the type of work you are doing, can influence your salary.

Throughout this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Apprentice Plumber Salaries in Florida. You’ll also discover information on how to become a plumber in Florida. So, keep reading.

Making Money As A Florida Plumber

When someone starts working as a plumber in Florida, he will earn less than a thoroughly trained and experienced plumber. As soon as a person joins the plumbing services, his focus will be on gaining experience instead of earning a salary. During his training session, he will earn money, gain experience and spend a lot of time on it. To become a plumber, you must study, master business skills, and obtain a plumbing license. The work will be very flexible, and the salary will increase once you obtain it.

Some master plumbers are paid more than $100,000. These master plumbers are the most skilled and self-sufficient. They can earn more than an apprentice and traveling man.

Is there a minimum wage for apprentice plumbers in Florida?

Apprentice plumber salary in Florida varies, depending on the applicant’s experience, years of experience, and geographic location. To determine a plumber’s salary, The estimation of reviewed state and national data is taken on average apprentice plumber salaries across the country, including median and average salaries. The average annual salary for a Plumber in Florida is $36,881 as of September 26, 2022. The lowest-earning 10 percent earned less than $30,281 per year, and the highest earned more than $41,728.

The Benefits For A Plumber In Florida

The Benefits For A Plumber In Florida

A Florida plumber gets benefits from a variety of aspects. These include health insurance, referral programs, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, vision insurance, disability insurance, employee discounts, and more.

Basic Requirements To Become A Licensed Plumber In Florida

Florida requires some requirements for becoming a master plumber.

  • You must hold four years of plumbing experience.
  • Must have apprentice training.
  • You must attend approximately 150 classes annually.
  • Your age must be 18 years.
  • You must demonstrate good manners and pay all dues.

The Average Apprentice Plumber Salary In Florida

The average apprentice plumber salary in Florida is 51,746 dollars per year and 25 dollars per hour. In Florida, apprentice plumbers are paid between $ 37,955 and $ 63,223 each based on their education and experience. All these numbers are based on employee investigations conducted directly with Florida employers.


The Apprentice Plumber’s Salary In Florida varies. It depends on several factors. These factors include educational background, current working position, area of residence, training, experience, etc. All of these factors are important for becoming a good plumber. Salary limits vary for different plumbers. Some of them are just starting work; they get paid less. Then some are fully trained and experienced. Therefore, these fully experienced plumbers will be paid more than local plumbers. You must have a license to be a good plumber in Florida.

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Is there a timeframe for becoming a plumber in Florida?

To become a Florida plumber, you need four years of experience. You will not need a license to become an apprentice. After becoming an apprentice, you can get your travel man license.

How many companies in Florida offer the highest salary packages?

There are three companies in Florida offering the highest salaries. These are W Gay Mechanical offers 74,500 dollars per year, R T Moore offers 60,500 dollars per year, and First Quality Plumbing Company offers 58,000 dollars per year.

What types of licenses does Florida offer?

Florida offers two types of licenses. One is a certified license, and the other is a registered license. Plumbers with a certified license only work in local areas. However, registered, licensed plumbers work throughout Florida.