Are Dust Extraction Systems Worth It?

Are Dust Extraction Systems Worth It?
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Dust extraction systems are usually used in industrial, commercial, and home production units to handle high amounts of industrial dust and improve the breathing air quality. They remove all the suspended particles and particulate matter contaminants produced at major industrial or manufacturing units dust extraction system Adelaide.

How Does A Dust Extraction System Work?

As we mentioned before, dust extraction systems are designed to purify and improve the air quality in industrial areas. They effectively control and remove the potentially dangerous fumes and particulate matter. There are various types of dust, and it varies from one industry to the other depending on what products they are manufacturing. 

These systems generally remove dust and particulate matter by sucking them in from the air through a filter. At first, the filter captures the contaminants, separates them, and then discharges purified air in the area. They have a blower, filter cleaning systems, dust receptacle, and removal systems. 

Are Dust Extraction Systems Worth Installing?

After discussing the primary function and its operating procedure, we will discuss the benefits of installing dust extraction systems and whether they are worth using.

Down below are some of the benefits of using dust extraction systems : 

  • Boost productivity by enhancing production: The dust particles and other particulate matter accumulate and clog on the industrial equipment, which affects the overall plant performance. Using a dust collector will ensure that the air is purified and the dust particles are not impacting the health of the manufacturing unit. 

Similarly, your entire operation can be at risk if the dust extraction systems are not functioning correctly or are undersized and overextended. The lack of proper maintenance of these systems can lead to a complete shutdown that would stop the process of production for some time. 

  • Increases the lifespan of the equipment: Dust extraction systems prevent the collection of layers of dust on the surface of computers and other equipment. A build-up of dust can result in malfunctioning of the system and increase your overall maintenance costs. 
  • Improved product quality: Having dust in the manufacturing unit’s environment and equipment accumulates dust on the manufactured products. This affects the quality and consistency of the finished products. A dust extraction system would trap the dirt and allow you to maintain the consistency and quality of the product. 
  • Take care of the Health and Safety Standards: Inhaling unhealthy air can affect our entire body terribly. Industries like cement, chemicals, iron casting and others release toxic particles with their fumes and in dust form. 

Having a dust extraction system is vital to keep the employees and workers safe from pneumatic diseases or any other lung disorder. These toxic chemicals, which are released from the manufacturing units as a waste by-product, can cause hazardous health risks both in the short-term and long term. 

  • Meeting the standard pollution control standards: The industries in Adelaide need to comply with the strict pollution control levels and take care of levels of contaminants to ensure a clean and safe environment for their plant, employees, and surrounding community. The dust extraction system Adelaide would help you meet the permitted level and help keep your surroundings toxin-free.


Mechvac Engineering has different dust collectors available suitable for various industries and household manufacturing units. However, if you have trouble maintaining a dust-free environment, you should opt for an adequate dust extraction system.

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