Are Tourist Allowed In UAE?

Are Tourist Allowed In UAE

The United Arab Emirates is really a tourist place where millions of tourists visit every year. In UAE there are a lot of places available for visitors. Here we will discuss the top advanced cities of UAE. If you visit here then hire Car Rental Dubai.

Abu Dhabi City:

Abu Dhabi is the largest city in UAE by area. This is the capital of the UAE. Abu Dhabi is the second most expensive city in the United Arab Emirates. The most famous mosque in Abu Dhabi is Sheikh Zaid Mosque. This mosque is counted among the attractive mosques in the world and this is the reason that a lot of tourists visit there.

The most beautiful park in Abu Dhabi is the Ferrari theme park. As you know there is a lot of heat in this city that’s why the Ferrari theme park is fully Air Conditioner (AC). 

Those who come to Abu Dhabi must visit this park. Therefore, this park is also considered to be a tourist attraction. It also has a roller coaster whose speed is more than 200km/hr.

Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest building in this city. It was built in 1700. There are football and cricket stadiums in this city.

  • Al-Jazira Mohammed Bin Zayed stadium
  • Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium
  • Tolerance Oval
  • Sheikh Zayed Stadium Nursery 2

Abu Dhabi has also hosted the supercars program. This city plan a solar energy base city called the musdar city and this is the future project of Abu Dhabi. This city will be totally run on solar energy.

Dubai City

Who does not know Dubai, the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates? Many people think that Dubai itself is a country but it is not. Dubai has the highest tourism. This city is famous for the world’s largest buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Dubai is also famous for its luxury hotels like Burj Arab is the single 7-star hotel in the world.

The world’s best car collections are also available here. You can drive world luxury cars through Car Rental Dubai. World-class cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, etc are available here for rent.

Al Fahidi Fort is a museum in Dubai that was built in 1787. This fort is on the list of Dubai’s oldest buildings. More tourists visit here to look at the oldest museum in this advanced city.

Sharjah City

This is the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates. In Sharjah, there are more than 22 museums due to which Sharjah has also become the center city for tourists. There is a light festival in Sharjah which perform every year since 2010. In this festival, different types of light projects are done through the project on the buildings. Who offers a beautiful view at night time. Sharjah aquarium contains more than 250 types of animals, including sea horses, small fish, and sharks.  

Sharjah heritage museum is a two-story museum that contains several hundred years old furniture, clothes, and other oldest things. Sharjah gold souq is a tourist destination in Sharjah where many shops of gold are present.

Dear visitors, if you have a plan to visit UAE country, and you are going to Car Rental Dubai in order to hire a car. There are some rules while driving in this country you need to follow all of this otherwise you will be fined with a heavy amount.

During driving here keep your mobile phone away. Don’t use the mobile phone even for a call, if you have an emergency then put your car on the side of the road. The second important thing is to use a seat belt while driving, and also don’t over speed. Every road has a specific speed you cannot cross.