How to Attract Investors at Video Game Accelerators

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As a small-time game developer or studio, getting your game off the ground can be a challenge. You not only need to create a quality product, but you also need to cut through the competition and get noticed by investors.

One way to do this is by participating in video game accelerators. These programs offer funding, resources, and mentorship to help you take your game to the next level. And while they’re sometimes geared toward more established studios, there are opportunities for up-and-comers as well.

What Is a Video Game Accelerator?

Similar to a startup incubator or accelerator, a video game accelerator is a program designed to help game developers grow their business. These programs typically offer a combination of funding, mentorship, and resources such as office space and access to industry events.

While there are accelerators for all types of businesses, video game accelerators are relatively new. They began popping up in the early 2010s and have since grown in popularity.

There are now dozens of video game accelerators around the world, each with its own focus and target market. For example, some accelerators are geared toward mobile games while others focus on console or PC games. Some cater to independent developers while others work with studios.

What Are the Benefits of a Video Game Accelerator?

There are several benefits of participating in a video game accelerator. Perhaps the most obvious is the funding. These programs typically invest thousands of dollars in each company they work with. This can be a huge help when it comes to cover expenses and hiring talent.

In addition to funding, video game accelerators also offer mentorship and resources. These programs are typically run by experienced game developers who can offer valuable advice and guidance. And because they work with multiple companies, they often have access to industry events and other resources that you might not be able to get on your own.

This can be an invaluable way to network and get your game in front of the right people.

How Do You Apply to a Video Game Accelerator?

The application process for video game accelerators varies depending on the program. But in general, you can expect to fill out an online application and submit materials such as your resume, portfolio, and business plan.

You may also be asked to provide a demo of your game or participate in an interview–or a round of interviews. The goal of these programs is to invest in the best and most promising companies, so they want to make sure you have a solid product and business plan.

How to Capture the Attention of Potential Investors

Because gaming incubators are in such high demand, you will probably be competing against dozens–or hundreds–of other companies for a spot in the program. So how can you make your game stand out?

Here are a few tips:

Create a quality product: This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that these programs are looking for the best of the best. So if your game is buggy or unfinished, you’re not likely to get very far.

Do your research: Each video game accelerator is different, so it’s important to do your research and find one that’s a good fit for your game. For example, if you’re developing a mobile game, there’s no point in applying to a program that only works with console games. Similarly, you should look at their portfolio of companies to get an idea of the types of games they’re interested in.

Have a solid business plan: Remember that these programs are investing in your company, not just your game. So you need to have a solid business plan that outlines your revenue model, GTM strategy, and growth strategy.

Be prepared for interviews: Many programs will interview you–or have you interview with a panel of investors–before making a decision. So it’s important to be prepared to answer tough questions about your game and your business.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to attracting investors, video game accelerators can be a great option. But it’s important to remember that these programs are highly competitive. So you need to make sure your game is polished and your business plan is solid.

If you can do that, you’ll be well on your way to getting the funding and resources you need to take your game to the next level.

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