B2B Personas: Know Your Customers and Prospects


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When you’re starting a new business, it’s important to know your target market. You need to figure out what they want, need, and are willing to pay for. To do this, you need to create customer personas – detailed imaginary customers who represent specific segments of your target market. This guide will teach you how to create customer personas, and also how to use them as a tool for marketing planning and growth.

There are four types of b2b customer personas: the Ideal Customer, the Challenger, the Explorer, and the Essential Buyer. Each of these personas has unique needs and wants that you need to understand in order to create effective campaigns.

The Ideal Customer is the perfect customer that you hope to sell to. They are always happy with their current situation and have no need or want for your product or service. The Challenger is the customer who is looking to take on your competition. They are willing to try new things and are not afraid to take risks.

The Essential Buyer is the most important type of customer. These customers are always looking for ways to save money and improve their lives. They are always searching for new products and services to make their lives easier.

How to Make a B2B Persona

When you are selling to businesses, you need to create a persona for each of your potential customers and prospects. This persona will help you understand their needs and wants, and it will also help you target your marketing efforts accordingly.

There are several different ways to create a persona. You can use surveys, focus groups, or interviews to get feedback from your customers and prospects.

Once you have created your persona, it is important to test it out in the market. You can do this by launching a small campaign targeted at your persona, or by conducting some market research in order to find out which products or services are most popular with them.

By creating a persona and testing it out in the market, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are focused on the right people and the right products.

Tips for Selling to Your Customers

When selling to your customers, it is important to understand their needs and wants. You can do this by using BB Personas.

BB Personas are a popular tool for understanding customer needs and wants. They are based on the idea that people behave differently online than they do in person. In other words, people behave more impulsively online than they do in person.

By understanding your customers’ b2b customer personas, you can better tailor your sales pitches and messages. You can also make sure that you are selling to the right person, not to the entire population of your customer base.

For example, if you are selling a product to a businessperson, their BB Persona might be focused on work-related tasks. If you are selling a product to a consumer, their BB Persona might be more focused on enjoying life and leisure activities. By understanding your customer’s BB Persona, you can create more successful sales pitches and interactions with them.

Best Way for Prospecting New Businesses

  • Make a list of your target customers and prospects.
  • Be prepared to spend time researching your target customers and prospects.
  • Be willing to ask targeted questions in order to learn more about them.
  • Stay motivated by knowing that your efforts will pay off in the long run.

Building a Persona Database

1. Understanding your customer is the first step to developing a successful business. This can be done through customer surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

2. A persona database is a valuable tool for understanding your customers and prospect. Personas are fictional representations of your customers that you can use to better understand their needs.

3. By understanding your customer, you can create tailored marketing messages and products that will resonate with them. Personas allow you to think outside the box and develop products and services that are unique to your target market.

Testing and Adjusting Personas

  1. Testing and adjusting personas is an important part of marketing. Personas are fictional characters that represent different segments of the population.
  2. When developing personas, it is important to TEST them. This means creating a test group and testing different versions of your persona with this group. You want to make sure that the persona is effective with your target market.
  3. After you have tested your persona, you will need TO ADJUST it to best represent your target market. This means changing the name, age, and other characteristics of the persona to better match your target market.
  4. By using personas in your marketing programs, you can ensure that your marketing messages are effective with your target market.


In order to succeed in business, it is important to know your customers and prospects. This means understanding who they are, what their needs and wants are, and how you can best meet those needs. By using personas, you can create detailed profiles of your ideal customer or prospect and then develop marketing strategies that specifically target them. Personas can also help you identify unmet needs or desires among your current customer base, which can lead to increased sales and happier customers overall.

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