Baby Headwraps: Keeping Baby Cute, Comfortable & Safe

Baby Headwraps

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Did you know that babies explore with their mouths? While those headwraps and bows are cute, are they safe?

Keeping your child fashionable but safe can seem difficult to do all at once. The good news is that there’s hope! Read on to explore how to keep your child comfortable and safe while wearing headwraps and bows.

Are Baby Bows and Headwraps Safe?

You can find headwraps and bows for children and babies online from companies such as While this baby hair accessory might be cute, the sad truth is that babies can die while wearing these.

One way to keep your child safe is to always take them off when your child is sleeping. Like stuffed animals or bedding, baby bows aren’t safe in the crib.

Picking Out the Right Bows

First, you’ll want to ensure that the bows are soft and won’t be too tight. You can even consider clip-on bows for ease.

How To Know if It’s Too Tight

Baby headbands can squeeze your child’s head too tight. If you notice that your child begins to cry or fusses when you put the headband on, that’s a clear sign that something’s amiss.

If you have to stretch it too far to get it onto their head, that’s a sign that it might be too tight. Look out for bows that leave marks. They should never leave red marks or deep indents on your child’s head.

Avoid baby headwraps that are too loose. These can fall down onto your child’s neck and cause a choking hazard.

Instead, pick out a soft headband that’s wide enough and has a bow. This is a good idea in their first 6 months of life before their skulls are more solid.

Comfortable Baby Bows

Choose knit or cotton headbands for comfort. Nylon or cotton blends are also good options. Look for options that are machine washable as well.

Consider topknots, turbans, or headwraps for your baby. They can give your child extra protection or warmth if needed.

How To Choose Baby Headbands

First, check out the material of the headbands. Choose the option that gives your baby breathability and is soft on their skin. This is important since it comes into direct contact with your child.

Hard vs Soft Bands

If your child is an infant, go with soft headbands. They won’t hurt the scalp of your baby.

Harder headbands are made with plastic that can cause different shapes. Some of them come with pointed teeth that keep them in place. They’re a better option for growing children since the teeth can hurt the scalps of babies.

How To Choose Headwraps To Keep Your Baby Safe

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to choose headwraps for your baby. Take your time choosing the right option for your child and keep their comfort at the top of the list.

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