6 Pants Every Girl Must Have In 2021

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Are you fond of jeans way too much that you don’t think about any other trousers? Well, I can say that you are still confined to jeans fashion and have not explored different tastes. Gone are the days when people could roam freely here and there, putting on their favorite outfits. The post-pandemic fashion sense is widely different from the pre-covid outfits. So selecting the right pair of pants is crucial for you before hanging out or going to work. All I can say is look around, leaving the world of jeans, and you will see vast options. This guide will help you know about 6 recent pair of pants that every girl could ask for in 2021.

6 Top Pants That Every Girl Must Have In 2021

Women’s bottom wear has undergone a series of changes since time immemorial. A few years back, skinny-fit jeans were hype, but now, you can mostly see comfortable/stretchy/flared pants all around. The reason behind this is a sharp change in the tastes and preferences of consumers in the fashion industry.

People are giving more importance to comfort at the same time as looking good. Are you the one among them? We are sure you are and desperately looking for some stylish and unique trousers to wear in 2021.

So here we are, with a complete list of 6 top trousers that will be ruling the market disruptively in 2021. Come on, have a look at each!

1. French Toast Girl’s pants

French Toast Pants is a must-have in your closet in 2021. They are super comfortable with 3% elastane, 26% polyester, and 71% cotton. In addition, the stretchability of these pants gives a skinny-fit style in a relaxed manner.

You can definitely combine this with a fancy top or loose shirts with black-colored, white-colored, or checkered french toast pants.    

2. Organic Cotton Tapered Leg Pants

If you want something really snuggly to wear, the organic cotton tapered leg pant is the best option for you. Made of 100% cotton, these trousers are highly fashionable and look flattered at the bottom. This soft, stretchy, slim trouser with a cropped length and tapered leg will give you a new definition of style this year. 

3. Slouch Straight High Jeans

Are you looking for some brand new style that is evergreen and at the same time? Then close your eyes and go for slouch straight high jeans. Although it is a pair of jeans, you can wear it for any purpose, starting from casual to regular office purposes.

If you want to combine it perfectly with upper wear, we recommend a concert tee or Rib-knit tees and a girl bandana headband.

4. Paper Bag Baggy Pants

Who doesn’t want to have a piece of costume in their wardrobe from high-end brands? So Paperbag baggy pants from Zara are literally one of a kind. If you’re going to get rid of your same old jeans, you must never exclude this from the list.

Thinking of what to pair with it? Well, get a bodysuit and then rock the style with these trousers. Elastic waistbands are a very popular fashion these days, and paper bags are for those who have embraced waistbands in their fashion regime. 

5. Logo-Patch High Rise Flared Leg Jeans

Well, I am sure that you are looking for some incredibly trendy pants. So why don’t you get a logo patch high-rise flared leg jeans for yourself? Being a blend of polyester and cotton gives you a true definition of fashion and comfort.

A tucked-in knit top or simple T-shirt are good to go with a pair of logo pitch high rise flared leg jeans. 

6. Cargo Jogger Pants

This pure cotton bottom wear is curated for women to wear in hot and humid climates. If you think that these are too boring and come with the same designs, let me tell you that your perception is wrong. You will get a plethora of types in this category like camo patterns, solid colors, tapered legs, elastic ankle cuffs, etc.

The level of breathability and comfort that these pair of pants hold is simply unmatchable to anything else.


It is the dream of every girl to have the perfect pair of pants in their collection. Indeed, the same monotonous jeans can really piss you off, and you would feel like there is nothing to wear. But from the above-mentioned list, you can expand your trouser collection and filter your look in a new way in 2021.

Did you have any questions? Hit it in the comment area below. We are looking forward to hearing you out in no time. Stay tuned to our page to get useful articles on trendy teen panties soon.

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