Bandwidth vs Internet Speed What’s the Difference

Bandwidth vs Internet Speed What's the Difference

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In the United States, only 6% of the population is without high speed internet, most of them living in rural areas.

High-speed internet has become the way in which all of our devices and apps function. You have probably heard about high speed internet most of your life, or heard the term high bandwidth. This brings up the question, bandwidth vs internet speed, what do these terms mean and how are they different?

The truth is, they are related but the term bandwidth and the term speed do not mean the same thing. 

High-Speed Internet 

When you hear the term, high-speed internet what do you think of? For most of us, it is cable modems, fiber optic lines, 5G, and other such services. While the term high speed could apply to them, it is a blanket term that is not always correct. 

A lot of these services are high bandwidth and high speed, which would be the correct way of classifying them. Some are high bandwidth but don’t have as high of speed as other services. Understanding internet speed is easy, it is all about the transfer of data. 

In a nutshell, the question, what is internet speed, is all about how fast you transmit and receive data. It is often measured in megabits per second. All this means is how fast data is sent to and from your modem and computer or another device. 


If internet speed is all about the speed of data transfer, what is bandwidth? Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted. This is often measured in megabits as well, meaning that you can send a total amount equal to your bandwidth at any one time. 

It should be noted that it is not common for someone to fill their entire bandwidth. The transmission of data on this scale is more than most people need in day-to-day life. Of course, if you’re sending large files over great distances, you want to make sure to have the bandwidth to spare. 

The importance of bandwidth is in the amount of data being sent and shared. Without enough bandwidth, speed is of little importance, because you won’t be able to send enough data. This is why internet speed vs bandwidth is often viewed as one and the same because it is about sending a large amount of data fast. 

Importance for You 

For the average person, the distinction between bandwidth vs internet speed isn’t important. If you get reliable and effective internet service from a Xfinity Comcast Authorized Retailer you will have both. Not only will your internet be fast and have optimal bandwidth, but all of your devices can also connect and communicate. 

Bandwidth vs Internet Speed

The next time you hear the term, high-speed internet, stop and check to see what bandwidth they are offering. You’ll notice that the speeds listed are not the same, and now you’ll know why. 

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