Before And After Breast Augmentation- Do’s And Don’ts


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To get an idea of the benefits and drawbacks of breast augmentation you need to consider all aspects before and after and you can also consult a surgeon from As women often are unhappy with their breast shape, breast augmentation is becoming more popular. Breast augmentation is the best way for you to achieve the look and shape that you desire.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery can help to give breasts a more natural look. It involves enlarging the breasts or transferring fat.

Before Breast Augmentation

You have now done your research on breast augmentation and made your choice. These are the essential steps you need to take before and during the procedure.


Get Up Early:

Get up early on the morning of your surgery to allow yourself sufficient time to prepare and pack. It is not a good idea to rush for your big day. This will only increase your stress levels. It is important to get up early so you can make it on time for your appointment.

You should arrive on the day of your breast lift surgery on time. Wear as little as possible and wear comfortable shoes.

If your eyesight is poor and you use contact lenses, stop using them for one day and just wear your glasses on the day of your breast lift surgery.


These are important things to remember before you undergo breast augmentation surgery. These are some tips to help you prepare for breast augmentation surgery.

Eating Or Eating After Midnight :

This means that you can’t eat or drink after midnight on the night prior to your breast lift. It is forbidden to eat or drink before the surgery. You will have to wait until midnight before your breast surgery can be performed.

Stay Inspired:

Keep in touch via your phone. You may be contacted by anaesthetists at the hospital regarding your preparation for surgery or may offer guidance regarding breast lift surgery.

Smoking is not allowed on the day of surgery.

On the day of surgery, don’t take any recreational drugs.

Avoid using herbal medicine when your surgery date is near

After Breast Augmentation:


Breast surgery can be a very exciting experience for any woman. However, you need to take care after the procedure for proper healing and long-term results. These are the important steps to remember:

After breast augmentation, get plenty of sleep to allow the wounds to heal properly. You should take a few days off work to allow for rest at home.

To avoid placing more pressure on the surgery site, try to sleep in a fetal position. The pillows can be used to support the head. This will allow the wound to heal while you sleep.

You must take your medication exactly as directed and keep it up to date.

Healthy eating habits are important. For wound healing, a healthy diet and medicines are essential.


You should sleep on your stomach. It will cause breast pressure and affect normal healing.

During your first week of rehabilitation, you should not lift heavy weight. It is best to not lift your child during the first week of recovery.

Swimming is a great way to exercise. Swimming can cause bacteria to enter your surgical wounds, which could complicate the healing process.

Do not smoke or use tobacco products. It is a well-known fact that smoking tobacco can slow down the healing process.

Any exercise that is hard or repetitive; can worsen the wound and cause bleeding.

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