What Are the Benefits of Gifting the Best Challenge Coins?

What Are the Benefits of Gifting the Best Challenge Coins?

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The tradition of challenge coins dates back to World War I, according to common wisdom. Some even place it as far back as ancient Rome. The idea of commemorating a shared membership or experience with a medallion has a long history.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who likes military memorabilia, a loved one, or a group of peers, challenge coins rank among the more interesting types of gifts. But what makes for the best challenge coins for collectors?

Keep reading and we’ll look at some benefits of different types of challenge coins as gifts for different people.

The Best Challenge Coins for a Group

If you’re looking for a good gift for a mid-size or larger group, such as a team at work or a convention staff team, consider custom challenge coins. You can get your own unique design. This allows you to commemorate major milestones or mark membership.

If your target audience is a type of group that commonly gets challenge coins, custom coin makers may have dies ready to go. Many manufacturers have police, fire, and military-themed dies that need only modest adjustments, and you may get a good deal.

If you’re commemorating a less common type of event like a convention or a product launch, you’ll want to try designing your own coin. A gift like this makes for a durable, tangible reminder. Designing your own custom challenge coins also allows you to include specific things that your target audience will understand.

The Best Challenge Coins for a Loved One

Not all coin manufacturers offer single-coin runs, and such a coin would carry a fairly hefty price tag. A challenge coin does make a great gift for someone with a collecting hobby, though. Those interested in police or military memorabilia will enjoy the gift.

Values for challenge coins can fluctuate. Coins tend to include units or commanding officers, and storied units and well-known military personnel can command higher prices.

Similarly, coins from unusual units, such as special forces or intelligence, gain a higher price. All challenge coins can be said to be rare, but some gain more value from the nature of their rarity than others.

What Makes Them Such Good Gifts?

Regardless of the circumstance or type of coin, challenge coins have some unique advantages as a gift. Their simple metal construction makes them durable to all but the most violent damage. They also last a long time and can be maintained in good condition with only a small amount of additional investment.

Commemoration and Collection

Whether the best challenge coins for your gifting case include a large run of coins you ordered or a single collectible, they offer a durable way to show your feelings. They make great display pieces, too.

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