Benefits of Push-To-Talk Over Cellular Radio


Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Being connected is crucial for the workers who engage in the industrial sector. And people who work in industries such as shipping, construction, mining, etc., need to be aware of the current situation and moving objects/goods. These tasks must be dealt with precision and care, so a proper communication tool is necessary to do the job appropriately.

The workers know the importance of timely communication; that’s why they use push-to-talk over cellular radio systems or PTT over cellular radio. This system is popular in the UK, US, and Australia. Several other countries adapted to this technology and are not depending on the old radio communication tech. But, why is this radio tech preferred by the people in the industries mentioned above over the traditional ones? Read on to understand the reasons and benefits of this cellular radio system.

The benefits of PTT or PoC cellular radio system are:

Long-distance communication

The traditional radio systems offer proper communication to a certain distance, which is sometimes not enough; workers are therefore constrained to a specific space to communicate with each other. However, PTT over cellular radio offers long-distance communication without disturbance in the voice or weakening of the signal. This feature makes the new cellular radio system worth buying.

Minimum start-up costs

The conventional radio systems required some infrastructure investment, but the new radio system doesn’t need any. There is no need for investing in radio programming, repeaters, and cabling—once the PTT over the radio is set up, you need to turn on the unit and start calling by pressing the PTT (push-to-talk) button.

Instant communication

You need to push the button to communicate. PTT over cellular lets you contact your subordinates within your team or groups over distances quickly. With the new radio system, the communication occurs via a private closed network with the help of a complex level of encryption on a cloud server. The cloud server secures private data and communication. With this technology, you don’t have to worry about the other parties leaking your firm’s information and losing clarity over long distances.

The sound quality is top-class.

Once you bring the PTT over cellular radio to your firm, the communication will become apparent and smooth. It’s because of the superior sound quality that this system offers. The noise-cancelling feature works like a charm. If your workspace is surrounded by large buildings, vehicles, and noisy machines, this cellular radio system will help your workers communicate effectively.

Availability of important features

A good PTT cellular radio must have the following features:

  • Man down and lone worker function
  • Emergency signal
  • SOS
  • Instant messaging function (to everyone connected)

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Ease of programming and using

Good technology reduces the problems in your life, but great technology reduces the problems and will be easy to use. PTT cellular radios are easy to programme. Anyone with basic knowledge can administer it over the air without any issue.

The technology could be groundbreaking, but if people find it challenging to use it, they will go for the second-best technology.

These are the benefits of using PTT or PoC over cellular radios. If you ever plan to purchase this radio, ensure that the manufacturer provides all the necessary features with the system.