10 Best Bone Conduction Headphones [2021]

10 Best Bone Conduction Headphones [2021]

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AfterShokz Aeropex:

The AfterShokz Aeropex is a lightweight, comfortable, and snug fit bone conduction headphone that comes with 8 hours of continuous playback! It also has impressive battery life. The only drawback? Its $149 price tag makes it the most expensive on this list–but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed by its technical specs or sound quality either way!

Aftershokz OpenMove:

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and IP55 dust-resistant, this earphone has a 6-hour battery life with 3 EQ settings that you can choose from; standard for those who like their music on the louder side or vocal booster if they need more clarity when listening up close without any background noise interference while also providing isolation, so your vocals come through loud & clear in all environments – perfect for singing karaoke at home! For those looking to go sleeplessly silent during workouts but still want great sound quality as well – we’ve got ya covered there too because of our specially engineered Neoprene® wraparound rubberized exterior construction which allows air circulation.


MilanSo Bone Conduction Headphones are the perfect headphones to enjoy your favorite music in any environment, but they’re especially well-suited for use on dry land. The advanced Bluetooth 5 technology ensures an easy connection even when there’s considerable background noise present so you can still hear crystal clear sound quality!


SKYLIMIT Z01 is the ultimate in advanced bone conduction technology to help you stay alert, avoid danger and enjoy music. Bone Conduction Transducers transmit sound waves through your cheekbones so that instead of hearing it coming out from inside an ear canal like normal headphones would do; this leads much clearer signals right into our cochlea’s which prevents any form or degree hearing impairment when compared with traditional headsets – even at high volumes! And thanks, its open-ear design coupled will all these great features above plus wireless capabilities too (60ft range), SKYLIM senders offer one tough cookie for street smarts who want total annihilation within their audio experience no matter where they roam around town during nighttime hours.

Tayogo S2:

The Tayogo S2 is a great option for people who want to try out bone conduction headphones without breaking the bank. It features IP55 waterproofing and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which means you can stay connected to 30 feet away from your phone or mp3 player! The product also comes equipped with high-quality speakers that will give listeners clarity even when listening at higher volumes levels.

Oaxis myFirst:

Oaxis myFirst Headphones are a great option for parents looking out the best way to protect their child’s hearing. Bone conduction headphones aren’t just for us adults! With its open-ear technology, Oaxis saw how much it’ll benefit kids and took charge with their bone conduction product line – which is focused around this very specific market of young ones who need protection from loud noises or volumes over 85 dBs in order use them safely without risking any permanent damage to those sensitive little ears.

KppeX BH528:

Kppex is a new brand that has been around for only 2 years as of now, but their products have proven themselves with high durability and value. The KppeX BH528 stands out from other headphones because it offers bone conduction technology which allows you muffled sounds while answering calls or listening to music without having earplugs in-between your ears! This feature makes this product ideal even if one lives by sea level where there are likelihoods more rains than ever before seen on earth (or anywhere else). With an IP56 rating – making sure harmful lightnings can’t penetrate its exterior walls.

Vidonn F1 Titanium:

The Vidonn F1 Titanium Sports Headset is designed for the true sports enthusiast. It has an ergonomic and anti-drop design that ensures your bone conduction headphones stay in place while doing squats, sit ups or hitting elliptical machine sessions with this headset! The 180 mAH battery life means you can go without worry about recharging; it lasts all day long on one charge so no more dead batteries during intense workouts. And don’t forget about noise canceling technology which will help keep outside sounds at bay – ideal if like me (and I assume most people) we often work out alone but still prefer talking to ourselves afterword’s as opposed to having others share our thoughts loudly enough where they might overhear.

Pyle PSWBT550:

The Pyle PSWBT550 is a pair of waterproof sports headphones with side panel touch button controls. The design helps maintain the fit and feel for athletes, while also providing convenience during operation due to its simple interface that can be operated without tilting your head or holding onto anything in particular – just rest it on something flat if needed!

Zulu Exero:

Zulu Exero is a bone conduction headphone that lets you enjoy your music loud and clear, even if it’s for outdoor activities like running or mountain biking. Unlike some other similar models which rest right on the middle part of one’s cheekbone (a sensitive spot used in chewing), this one rests against one’s ear canal so there won’t be any distortion when listening to detailed sounds with good bass response at lower volumes.

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