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A clean indoor climate is of infinite importance for the working environment and efforts. That is why we organize thorough cleaning solutions designed based on our customers’ unique needs. You have spent days unpacking and moving, with physically hard work. Now you need to go back to your old home and clean it? We do not think you should! You may not even get your full deposit back! Let us take care of your mover cleaning and also the cleaning service provider. We make sure to meet your old housing association’s cleaning requirements and even make sure you get your FULL deposit back. If, contrary to expectations, your housing association is not satisfied with our moving cleaning Flytterengøring, we will come back and clean again until they are satisfied.

Our know-how in relocation cleaning enables us to meet the relocation conditions of all housing associations. We send an invoice via email, but only after the cleaning is done! No worries or unnecessary stress on our part, only a clean home and a deposit for you.

Our flat rate, no binding prices ensure you a flexible and affordable partner. You will not be worried about the price and you will certainly not stress over the cost. We are not like the others – you only pay for what you want cleaned!

Our cleaning assistants are insured, approved and trained in performing professional mover cleaning. This ensures that you get the best possible experience without having to worry about the security of your home! This is one of the reasons why we are one of the most beloved cleaning companies in Copenhagen & surroundings!

What is commercial cleaning?

With us, commercial cleaning covers all types of cleaning. If you need cleaning of an office space, a physical store or a showroom, there is plenty of opportunity to find a solution at IDE Rengøring. We only offer commercial cleaning that has been done thoroughly and in-depth. 

Commercial cleaning covers cleaning of:

  1. Room / showroom
  2. Bathroom
  3. Kitchen / tea kitchen
  4. Hallway and common area
  5. Rengøring performs commercial cleaning in absolutely all areas and always tailors a solution to your / your needs.


As a Danish cleaning company, it is important for us to be able to offer commercial cleaning of the highest quality. We go to great lengths to provide cleaning services Rengøringsservice that sit in the closet to the Danish business owners in East Jutland. Despite our young age in the industry, we repeatedly experience satisfied customers.

Rengøring is a professional cleaning company with respect for requirements for quality assurance and ISO 9000’s latest initiatives, which ensures our customers cleaning service provider of the highest quality. All services are performed with equipment and tools that have undergone several quality checks and tests.


An overlooked area of ​​working life in offices is the importance of a healthy and clean indoor climate.

Studies show that dirt, dust and clutter have a negative effect on profits and work effort. If you enter a room where the air is heavy and full of allergenic dust already from the morning, you do not exactly want to sit there for many hours.

A clean and beautiful office space increases the chances of productivity and job satisfaction. If you order office cleaning from Rengøring, you are guaranteed a clean and dust-reduced business room.

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning items so that people with allergies in the office space are not negatively affected by the cleaning. In order to calculate the price of commercial cleaning, it is necessary to know the number of square meters that you want to clean as well as the associated services Privat rengøring. Only when this has been determined can a specific price be agreed. The services are always adapted to your wishes and needs.

If you, for example, need floor washing every other day, daily cleaning of toilets or vacuuming once a week, we can easily agree on a total package price.

You are more than welcome to contact us and get a non-binding offer so you can see what a commercial cleaning costs. We make a quick calculation based on your needs. You can subsequently choose to reject or approve the offer.

Contact us on tel.  +45 4880 9952 or fill out our contact form on this page.

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