Best Discount finding apps for smart phones


Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

In our shopping life, we all are looking for great deals, after all, everybody likes discounts and doesn’t want to pay full price. So whenever you are plan shopping next time try some best discount-finding apps to save some amount of money on the product you have to buy anyways.

  • Decide

This application tells you item recommendations and permits you to get a price alert on the specific product you are looking for during searching different sites and regional stores for the comparison of price. In the meantime, one can easily check the rating and reviews from other users. It is completely free app and is available on the Apple store.

  • RetailMeNot:

This is also a free application available on both Android and Apple stores. When you are shopping punch in the store and the app will come forward with the catalog and inform you of in-store and online discounts offer. You can reclaim coupons from your mobile phones, save and share with others, and avail deal and expiration alert notification so that never lose the sale. Once you set the alert app will notify you about a good deal.

  • Snipsnap:

Why don’t you give some rest to the coupon binder if you still like to shop the old-fashioned way coupon clipping? You can take pictures of printed coupons through Snipsnap and save them in the gallery. You will get an alert notification when you enter in-store with a coupon that saves the picture. One can easily enjoy the coupon bundles that friends have saved. Sinsnap is available on both Android and iOS and it is free of cost.

  • Groupon

Anyone can easily download this application on android and iPhone and it gives free services. This app moved away from just availing of cheap ways to get meals. Now anyone can explore favorite deals on everything from travel packages to bedroom furniture. Groupon can ship items directly to you without the involvement of a third person to download vouchers to reclaim in stores.

  • ReadLaser:

ReadLaser is an amazing free Android application that helps you get discount information just by waving your mobile phone in front of desired item barcode. It will also scan a website and regional stores and later on suggest to you that there is minimum prices product available or any other location. You can buy shipped items or can purchase in-store ready-to-pick way through mobile phone. Food items can also be scanned as a bonus and inform you about allergens ingredients.

  • Goodzer:

It also provides free services but only Apple users. It behaves like a personal shopper is in your pocket. If you have an eye on some special favorite item, just clip it into the app, and astonishingly gives you a list of stores that carry it. Goodzer’s database has the capacity to give you information about 2 million products. Users usually love the speed and perfectness of this application.

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