Best Hair Colour for Men – Try Something New!

Best Hair Colour for Men – Try Something New!
Hair colours for men

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Hair colours have a lot of benefits and one must begin the change by changing hair colours. We all become bored at some time due to our natural hair shade and we wish to change it somehow. Natural hair colours are absolutely amazing, but when colour is added to them, the natural hair shade enhances a bit. The hair looks like they are healthy and breathing again! Otherwise, our natural mane tends to lose its sheen after some time. To enhance our natural hair shade, we go for highlights, lowlights, or we completely go global. 

Hair colours for men are quite difficult. Because first you need to select a shade and since men’s hair is short, there aren’t many choices for colouring. But if you are someone who loves experimenting with shades, then you must read this guide. Here, in this article, we will tell you the best hair colours and how you can style them.

Now, when it comes to hair colours, it is essential that you take up natural hair dyes because many hair colours are infused with Ammonia that can damage your hair. Ammonia is a harsh chemical that dries out your hair and makes them weak. Thus, natural hair dyes like Godrej Expert Rich Crème is infused with natural ingredients like Reetha, Shikakai, Aloe Vera, etc., that condition your hair and make them look soft and shiny. Also, the colour that this dye leaves in your hair lasts longer than other dyes. This organic dye comes in five vibrant shades. Thus, you can try any one of them and even mix all of them to colour your strands.

As far as the benefits of hair colouring are concerned, they compliment your facial features, enhance your complexion, and add depth and dimension to your locks. Whether you go for warm shades or funky shades, each and every shade adds volume to your hair. Now that we have talked so much about hair colours, let us look at the best hair shades for men to try in 2022.

Best Hair Colours for Men

Hair colour is an additional layer on your tresses that protects them from environmental damage. Hair colours also make your hair look great and trust us – you can turn heads when you walk in. Below are the best hair colours for men that are a must-try!

1. Multi-Colour Hair

This hair shade is for the daredevils. For men who like experimenting with colours, this shade is for you. This hairstyle includes every shade ranging from funky red to warm brown. Of course, these colours make a fashion statement. A mix of all the colours makes you look daringly handsome. People generally go for separate hair colours. But here, all the colours are mixed to give you an appealing appearance. Try out this multi-colour hairstyle for once!

2. Turquoise + Blue Shade

Want to have a fun and edgy look? We got you with this hair shade. The blending of shades makes this shade more amazing. The shade reflects different lights and the pop that it adds to your hair is just amazing. This is not a regular look. This is a simple and edgy blending of shades. With this hair colour, you can style your hair like bangs. Colour the bangs and leave the other sides of the hair black. Make sure of the upkeep that this colour requires. Since it is a different shade, it is important that you take care of it by using colour-safe shampoos and visit the salon after every 3-4 weeks.

3. Purple + Green + Salmon Hair Shade

Long hair boys, listen up! Long hair is very hard to keep and we would like to add a tinge of colour to them! Purple, green, and salmon hair shade makes a perfect combination for hair colour. In this, different sections of your tresses are coloured and once every colour has been applied to your hair, the stylist blends the sections. This hair colour attracts light and looks intense. All the pastel shades emerge in your hair like a rainbow and make you look absolutely stunning. This hair colour will look good if you have naturally blonde or brown hair shade. Apt for fair skin tones, this hair shade is a must-try!

4. Yellow Blonde Hair

A hair colour that looks fun, adventurous, and edgy! This is what this shade is! Yellow Blonde Hair shade is best for all skin tones and it gives you an edgy look. This hair colour is high-maintenance. You can either go for global hair shade or streaks. Depending on your looks, the colour will look good. While fading out, this shade gives you different shades of yellow. Once your hair grows, you will see many shades reflecting in your hair. So, if you dare to be different, try out this fun shade!  

5. Bright Purple + Blue Hair Shade

Peacock colour, anyone? The blue-purple hair shade is fun for men who want something different! This is a unique shade and makes you stand out from the crowd. This shade looks best on people with cool skin tones. It is a high-maintenance shade. Thus, make sure to have regular visits to the salon with this shade. Men who have light hair colour as the natural base can get off with this look more easily. So, try out this shade, if you love experimenting!  

6. Copper Brown

Oh, a subtle shade! Copper brown is a blend of honey and copper shade that looks amazing on fair skin tones. Guys who have curly hair must definitely go with this shade. This shade brings out the texture of your curls while complementing your eye colour. This shade is apt for people with olive or yellow skin tones. This hair colour is for curly hair but for straight hair, men have to style their hair in a messy way to wear off this love with confidence. So, this is a warm shade for the ones who like natural hair colours that blend easily.

7. Dark Warm Brown Hair Shade

The dark brown shade blends seamlessly with your natural hair and is low-maintenance. This hair shade has a hint of caramel in it to give your hair warmth, depth, and dimension. This shade is great on people with olive, yellow, and tan complexions. This hair shade gives your hair fullness and movement, thereby improving your hair texture. You can enhance your hair with this shade that looks just like your natural hair shade. Try out this amazing hair colour to look edgy and handsome. Style your hair with wax and you will look amazing.

So, these are some of the best hair colours for men. Some of these hair colours are high-maintenance and require care so that they don’t wear off quickly. But shades like brown blend effortlessly and give you a more natural look. Well, natural hair dyes are more efficient for colouring hair. Godrej Expert Rich Crème adds colour to your hair while treating all your hair issues. try out the five vibrant shades and tell us which one suited you the best!

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