What is the difference between Outdoor Basketball and Indoor Basketball?

What is the difference between Outdoor Basketball and Indoor Basketball?

Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Umer Malik

If you’re eager to put on a show playing a match of basketball group of friends the first step is finding a ball you can play with. From the distance, indoor and outdoor basketballs appear the same but each kind of ball is unique in its shape and purpose. When you select the appropriate ball for the location you’ll be able use that one ball for many years to come.


Indoor basketballs, such as NBA as well as WNBA game balls, is made from full-grain leather. A genuine NBA game ball can feel weighty and slick right from the box. When you first use it for the game, it typically requires significant getting it into the game through dribbling and shooting. Basketballs that are designed for outdoor play or “street” use are made from rubber and can be put to use right away.

Ball Handling

High-quality leather basketballs designed for indoor use contain 122 pebbles for every square inch, which is about 35,000 pebbles across the entire area of the ball. Basketballs made of rubber for outdoor use are less pebble-filled and feel rougher to the feel. Even when covered in sweat properly broken-in, official leather game balls intended for indoor use aren’t slippery. Their ball handling capabilities are superior to rubber basketballs.


Utilizing a leather basketball indoors on a surface that is outdoor causes immediate wear and diminishes the lifespan of the player. If you play your outdoor and indoor basketballs on appropriate surfaces, they’ll last for many years and last longer when they are kept properly inflated and cleaned as required.


In 2010 the price of the basketball standard ball for indoor use, which is the officially licensed NBA game ball cost $89.99. The cost of a standard ball that is used outdoors that is it’s the NBA Street Basketball, is $17.62.

Optimizing the Basketball Ownership

If you’re not planning to use an indoor basketball court to play your practice Save money by buying an Best Outdoor Basketball instead of one that is an authentic NBA or WNBA leather game ball that is designed for indoor play. Outdoor use of indoor basketballs causes them to wear down quickly. To prolong the lifespan of your costly indoor leather basketballs, you should not play outside in a casual or game setting. Bring them to indoor game places without throwing them around and dropping them onto roads and sidewalks as you travel.