Breast Implants Guide: Tips You Need to Know Before You Decide

Breast Implants

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Every woman dreams of bodily perfection in the land of iconic beaches named Sydney. Sydney offers many opportunities to women to flaunt their perfection. Unfortunately, not all are endowed with a body like a goddess. Fortunately, you can develop this perfection with a little bit of exercise and implants like breast implants. Sydney offers a wide range of expertise when it comes to breast implants. If you are looking to augment your breast to attain the dream look, then hunt no more; here is a complete guide to breast implants:

Types of Implants Based on Material:

The two common types of breast implants are saline and silicone implants. The two most prefered of the two types are silicon implants as it gives a more realistic look and feel than saline implants. Saline implants may also cause a waterbed rippled look while lying down on the back.

The insertion of saline implants can also be a tedious process compared to silicone implants. Other drawbacks of saline implants include sloshing sound while working out. 

Types of Implants Based on Shape:

The two common types of shapes for implants are round and teardrop-shaped. The primary advantage of teardrop or anatomical breast implants is that they give a natural shape to the breast, but if the implant moves inside the breast pocket, the implant can deform its shape. On the other hand, a round-shaped implant is not plagued by this problem. A round implant can move in the breast pocket without distorting the breast’s shape. 

Types of Implants Based on Texture:

The texture of breast implants can range from smooth to highly textured. The texture style can also vary very widely. Textured breast implants in Sydney provide a unique advantage; it dramatically reduces the movement of the implant in the breast pocket. Textured implants are not very popular because it fails to give a soft feel and is the process of implanting them can be very tedious. On the other hand, a smooth implant is preferred because of its smooth and soft feel. Also, it’s relatively easy to implant smooth-surfaced implants.

Types of Implants Based on Size:

The regular size of the implants can range from 150 to 400 cubic centimetres or cc. Any size above 400cc is considered a large implant. After discussion with the surgeon, you can decide on the size appropriate for your upper body dimension and your general physique. An implant between 150 and 200cc would be a perfect fit for a petite woman, and 400cc may be fit for large and tall women. It is imperative to get the size accurate to avoid complications in future related to massive implants.

Where is Breast Implant Placed:

In modern times, there are three approaches to place the implants into the breast pocket.

  • Placement Posterior to The Pectoral Muscle 
  • Placement Anterior to The Pectoral Muscle
  • Dual Plane Placement

The type of placement is decided based on the desired result, body muscle and fat composition, skin type. The woman’s current breast tissue also plays a significant role in the decision regarding the placement. It is important to consider the individual’s lifestyle, too, as depending on the level of the individual’s activity, the placement of the implants varies greatly.

Summing Up:

The decision to get breast implants is a huge commitment, and it needs to be done right in the first go. If not done right, there can be many complications and an expensive revision process for breast implants. Sydney offers one of the finest medical facilities to augment your breast and help you boost your confidence. Discuss the procedure thoroughly with your expert and set the expectations right; this will lead to a positively life-changing experience for you. 

Apart from that, if you are interested to know about Benefits of Breast Augmentation then visit our Health category.

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