Breastfeeding Vs Bottle feeding

Breastfeeding Vs Bottle feeding

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There are many benefits to breast feeding your baby. These benefits include the following: No more trips to the hospital for breast feeding, No more trips to the doctor for shots, No more feeding bottles, No more buying formula from a store, No more needing to take care of the baby, No more having to change clothes, No more having to clean up spit up or residue from the bottle. Breastfeeding has many health benefits for the mother as well as the baby. The following is a comparison of these two important aspects of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding vs Bottle feeding

A great benefit to breast feeding is that the baby receives all the nutrients needed. When a baby is properly fed, the mother is not only able to produce milk to feed the baby, but she gets her nipples rubbed and handled which helps stimulate lactation. Therefore, she gets all the benefits of breastfeeding without having to do anything extra. On the other hand, when a bottle is used, the baby doesn’t receive the full benefits of milk, nor does he get the advantage of being fed with a bottle. There are some experts who believe that bottle-feeding is healthier for babies, though others disagree.

Taking care of the baby one major benefit of bottle feeding is that mothers don’t have to do anything except to put the baby in the bottle once or twice during the day. The mother doesn’t have to get ready in a rush, drive or carry anything with her, and the baby just sits in a nice spot in the home. However, the baby cannot be brushed or swabbed. He cannot be held, cuddled or given any other type of affection. Therefore, bottle feeding is a mom’s best option if she does not have a lot of time to prepare and nurse the baby.

Another great benefit of breastfeed is that the baby is almost guaranteed to get enough nutrients. As long as the mother breastfeeds regularly and consistently, the baby will receive the right amount of nutrients. There is absolutely no way that a baby could get everything he needs from a bottle. This is one reason why many mothers choose to breastfeed their children exclusively.

A mother’s control a major problem with bottle-feeding is that the mom has complete control over the situation. This gives her the freedom to decide when and how much food will go into the bottle. This means that there is almost no way for the baby to determine how many ounces of milk he needs at any given time. For this reason, some women find that they end up bottle feeding more often than they breastfeed. There is nothing wrong with this if that is what a woman wants, but it can lead to bad habits.

For one thing, some mothers may bottle feed because they feel that it is easier. If a mother is experienced and skilled, she can usually finish a bottle within twenty minutes. With breastfeed, the process can take much longer, sometimes an hour or more. This can be very frustrating for a mother who is trying to get her baby to sleep and wants to get it done quickly. However, when a mother knows how long it will take for her to completely empty the bottle and get a good night’s sleep, she is able to better count her minutes.

A mother’s emotional comfort Bottle feeding requires a mother to be very quiet and still. For most new mothers, this can be a huge problem as the sound of a bottle makes them want to scream. On the other hand, when a mother is breastfeed the sound of her baby rips through the house and so she doesn’t have to worry about her own sanity.

Moms who choose bottle-feeding often find that their babies cry longer than they used to. This is because babies are learning to use their mouths to communicate with their mothers. Bottle-feeding is a great way to bond with your baby and his or her mother. If a mother finds that she can’t breastfeed her baby, or she just prefers to bottle feed, she should really consider going back to breastfeeding her baby in the future.

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