Business Psychology


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Business psychology is another name of industrial and organizational psychology. It will let you know about yourself and your co-workers at the workplace. Enhancing productivity at the workplace by implementing the practical knowledge of business psychology is what it offers.

The ultimate gain of understanding business psychology is the growth of the business.

Role of Business Psychologists in Improving the Business

Business psychologists play a very important role in improving the productivity of the employees. In turn, the goals of the business are met and the objectives are attained, which results in the growth of the business.

Charles Field Marsham has many business-related tips that deal with the psychographics of the employees.

Business psychologists help business in the following possible ways.

  • Research the company under study thoroughly. Map out the possibilities that can act as opportunities and threats to the company.
  • Advice the CEO, senior management,and employees of the company accordingly.
  • Consult with the HR team of the company to improve the performance of the employees.
  • The human resources team is critical to the success of any organization. Its presence is vital. The in house HR team could better manage and understand the employees.

Role of Psychology in Business

The impact of understanding the psychology of the subordinates is vital to the success of that business.

Fulfilling the Human Needs

When you fulfill the needs of the employees, psychology says that they will show more devotion to their work. The basic human needs that are of higher importance at the workplace includes

  • Certainty and comfort
  • Uncertainty and variety
  • Significance
  • Connected and valued
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Impact on the Workplace

The role of psychology is critical in every organization. It enables employees, managers, subordinates, bosses, as well as leaders to better understand eachother. Hence, they create a collaborative working environment.

It will also help the supervisors to train and advice the subordinates accordingly. The designing of various products and services are also taken into view considering the psychographics of the target market.

By implementing new policies by contemplating their employees’ needs, it will become easier to enhance the productivity of the workforce.

Diagnostic approach

In business psychology, the diagnostic approach is implemented to somehow reads the minds of the employees of the organization. And adjust their goals accordingly.

Problem Solving Technique

The lack in the productivity of the employees is may be due to encountering some of the problems either at the workplace or at home.

Such a situation should be confronted from the side of the organization. Listening to the employees and giving them an empathetic piece of advice can go a long way.

Charles Field Marsham believes in rectifying most of the problems at the workplace by approaching business psychologists.

Final Thoughts

Understanding business psychology will make the teamwork go smoothly as well as teams being more cooperative. In addition to this, the productivity of the employees can also be enhanced by keeping an employee-friendly working environment within the organization.

A well-established HR department could provide any organization with such benefits.