Can You Air Fry Salmon?

Can You Air Fry Salmon?

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Over the last decade or so, there have been two must-have kitchen appliances. Around the same time, the Instant Pot, and the Philips Airfryer were launched. Despite being more than 10 years old, both continue to sell incredibly well, and both have spawned multiple imitators and competitors.

According to the market research company, NPD, sales of air fryers have increased by 76% in the last two years, compared to the equivalent period before that. Rather than showing no signs of slowing down, it seems that sales are instead just increasing.

One of the reasons for the sales increase in the last two years may be to do with the pandemic and lockdowns. People wanted to start cooking more, be more sustainable, and take up a new hobby. Yet, it could also be due to the versatility of these appliances.

The air fryer in particular surprises many people with what it is capable of cooking.

Why would you wish to air fry food?

For the uninitiated, air frying is a concept where food is cooked through the use of high-temperature air circulated around the ingredients. This method allows the appliance to avoid the use of oil or grease, but still provide food that appears to be fried.

It may sound like something that has been invented by scientists, but the technique has been around for years. An air fryer is essentially just like a convection oven. The difference is in the size.

There are air fryers to suit different kitchens and different-sized families. A small air fryer could be used to prepare food for a single person, or perhaps a couple. While there are larger versions to suit families.

The main reason that many people air fry their food is that it produces meals that are lower in calories and fat than their traditionally fried equivalent.

Is an air fryer useful for cooking a variety of ingredients?

The Instant Pot was billed as a multi-cooker, and as such has many different modes. It can slow cook, pressure cook, and is useful for making tough meat tender through its method of using high-temperature steam.

The air fryer though seems to confuse some people. Due to its name, it sounds less versatile than the Instant Pot. However, the air fryer is capable of cooking many dishes and doing them in a way that may be healthier than some other methods.

One of the tips for eating with more health consciousness is to reduce meat intake, along with unnecessary calories and fat. Therefore, it would be very handy if the air fryer could handle dishes that involved fish.

Can the air fryer cook fish and seafood?

It may surprise some, but the air fryer isn’t only capable of cooking many fish, but it can handle seafood, and even frozen ingredients.

This means that breaded fish filets can be cooked in an air fryer with no need for thawing, and they will come out crispy as if they were deep-fried.

For the more health-conscious, fish can be cooked without any type of breading or batter, and just be seasoned instead. It is recommended that everyone eats two portions of fish each week, so knowing that an air fryer can cook them in a simple manner, means getting the healthiest option.

Can you air fry salmon?

Not all styles of fish cook well in an air fryer, however. By this, it means fish that is coated in wet batter. If you are still craving this type of fried fish, then you may have to resort to traditional cooking methods.

For breaded or seasoned fish though, there are plenty of possibilities. Tilapia and cod work fine in an air fryer, and you can even cook lobster too. For fans of salmon, you will be pleased that not only can you cook this in an air fryer, but there are also plenty of recipes for it.

The net has many different resources for air fryers, and you will find plenty of options. A little down the page, there are a few tips on cooking salmon in an air fryer too.

What are the advantages of cooking salmon in an air fryer?

One of the straight-up advantages of using an air fryer to cook salmon or any fish is the lack of oil used. You can choose to use a little olive oil, or butter, in some recipes, but it isn’t necessary.

Therefore you are helping to keep the salmon as healthy as it can be. WebMD lists many benefits of eating salmon, and these include the ample amount of vitamin B12, and other nutrients the fish has.

Air fryers help to retain nutrients and minerals in the food they cook. So, you can be assured that when you air fry salmon, it can be healthier than pan frying, or perhaps even steaming.

Many cooking methods lose nutrients and minerals during the cooking process. The method that an air fryer uses, along with its being a sealed unit, may mean that your air-fried salmon is healthier than one that is poached.

Are there some tips you should learn to get the best air-fried salmon?

Firstly, understand whether your air fryer needs preheating or not. Not all do. Then you need to know what temperature to use for salmon, and how long to cook it for.

As a rough guide, salmon needs to be cooked at around 350 degrees, and for about 10 minutes. The time they take will depend on their thickness. Make sure the salmon aren’t touching each other, season as required, and lastly, don’t attempt to flip them during the cooking process. This is unnecessary.


One of the better health and fitness tips for a healthier you includes eating less fat and cutting down on calories. Another tip is to eat the recommended amount of fish.

Thus, it would seem to make sense to incorporate fish and an air fryer into your diet. If you are a fan of eating salmon but find it difficult to find time to cook, then an air fryer may be the answer.