Candle making jar

Candle making jar

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One of the main uses of candle-making tools is to facilitate the carrying of candles as these containers protect the hands from the burning heat of the candle and the drops of the candle. However, life can be very boring if the candle-making equipment matches the cost of its utility. So why not make them into beauty products?

Fun fun

When you look at T-light candles, you will often be impressed with the devices, this is not an interesting addition to your living space. You can always buy your accessories and jewelry from your favorite bohemian store! Think of Picasso Cubist and Queen Impressionist paintings, Goth and Neo-Goth inspirations, and think of interesting, funny, bold, and beautiful things that come to your mind.

The color

In fact, candle ware comes in clear glass because it reflects the beautiful workmanship of the candles. However, no one said you can’t decorate the open glass with your own color. With ultra-strong glue and ribbons as well as color heat-resistant paints and paintbrushes, you can keep a layer of paint! Also, if you use replaceable candles with containers, they can be covered in unique colors. (Yes, these are the candles your spinners gave you for Christmas)

Add title

You will then have the opportunity to combine the theme of your candles with the glassware. For example, if your candle is a nautical theme, you can decorate the outside of the container with even more decorations to complement the theme. Think of simple blue sea candles in a container decorated with marine spheres and starfish. Most importantly, candles and utensils complement each other.

Precious stones

Do you remember the toy jewelry you used to play with as a child? Okay fine. Not only does it add color to your food, but it also glows when the candle is lit. They will be like bees on the table!

Change shape

Why build round containers if you can choose from so many methods? There are rectangular bowls, pots, wine bowls, polygon bowls, cube bowls and candle bowls. Your baby food bowl will add a variety of flavors to your collection!

For example, you can make a candle party in the same color. However, choose a container that best illuminates additional jewelry such as swallows, cubes, dried flowers, herbs, fruits, seashells, marble, and other items. The colors may be the same, yes, but the light will be different. How does it add variety to your design?

Closed love

Don’t leave 7ml concentrate jars on your dishes! You can decorate with ribbons and other things to add a special touch to your food. Also, if you decide to leave the door, it will be a waste of resources.

With these design ideas, your candle making tools can be shaped and made functional, beautiful and useful! Keep up the good content, and soon your candle maker will start talking about the city.

If you want a fun, healthy hobby, then making a candle in a scented pot may be a good idea for you.

Decide on the wax first. There are many types of candle bases you can choose from. Paraffin wax is widely used and more convenient than local art and craft stores. However, other alternatives and unique gel bases such as natural wax and soybeans are slowly gaining popularity. Once you know what to use, prepare it. If you use paraffin wax, you can turn a small scented pot about 1 pound into a candle. Melt the wax at about 180 degrees.

Once the wax has melted, add the fragrance of your choice. You can use essential oils, which provide additional benefits of aromatherapy and have a positive effect on your body and mind. You can also use a variety of uniquely scented essential oils, synthetic oils, such as herbs, baked cookies and bridges. Add a little so that the smell does not increase. As a clear guideline, adding 1 ounce of oil to 1 pound of wax gives the fragrance a concentration of about 6%.

In addition to adding fragrance, you can also add some colors. Slowly add a candle using a fork. Always dispose of the mixture when disposing of paint. It will also help you get the color and tell you what the final color will look like.

When you do this, prepare the dishes. There are different sizes of containers that you can use for candles. Glass containers are widely used because they are the easiest to find. You can also process old glass bottles. Make sure you wash and clean it thoroughly. Frozen glass containers are another option that provide a more subtle type of light.

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