Financial Advisor

Why It’s Best to Hire a Financial Advisor

Various life situations may compel you to think about hiring a financial advisor. Whether you’re nearing retirement or moving abroad, people with different financial...
Personal Loan

Situations When You Should Apply for a Personal Loan

A Personal loan play helps whenever you are short out of cash. It is one of the many types of unsecured loans that is...
Digital Savings Account

5 Features of Digital Savings Account

Recent decades have seen digitalization enter and transform every area of life. Thanks to this ‘digital revolution’, even everyday activities such as shopping for...
Fixed Deposit

What Makes a Fixed Deposit the Safest Investment Option in a Risky Market?

You’ve heard the saying “investments are subject to market risks”. This is why you might be deterred from investing your hard-earned funds in a...
Finance Your Wedding Expenses

Finance your wedding with IndusInd Bank

Are you planning a destination wedding in Jaipur or planning a bachelorette in Bangalore? Or do you just want to plan a get-together with...
Credit Score of 850

Can You Reach an 850 Credit Score?

The average credit score of Indians is 715 as of FY22. According to a study, around 63% of the respondents scored between 300 and...
Credit Cards

How do zero annual fee credit cards work?

There is no denying the fact that the word ‘free’ catches our eye and we are tempted to know more! On the other hand,...
ELSS mutual funds

How to compare ELSS with other tax saving options?

elss                   27,100elss mutual funds                   22,200tax saving mutual funds                   14,800 Tax planning is one of the most important aspects of financial planning that every investor must...
Section 10 (10D)

Learn How Section 10 (10D) impacts Your Life Insurance Maturity Amount

A life insurance policy works as a cushion of assurance amidst future uncertainties. However, staying informed of the tax implications of a life insurance...
UPL Stock Performance

UPL Stock Performance: A Reflection of its Financial Health?

UPL Limited, formerly United Phosphorus Limited, is an Indian company that manufactures and markets chemicals for agriculture and industries. The company also provides farmers...

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