Changing the Ed-tech Scene with Value: Kohbee App

Changing the Ed-tech Scene with Value: Kohbee App

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As the worldwide epidemic expands, most training and education programmes are growing more distant. The most unfortunate reality, however, is that education systems all across the world are still in disarray.

Though tutors are required to deliver the greatest possible teaching to children at home, the most disputed subject is whether “this learning is good for teachers and kids.” While physical education may be viable once the pandemic has passed, people have grown accustomed to internet learning to some degree. Unconventional types of training, if not classroom learning, have gone totally digital. For a wide range of topics, there are numerous pre-recorded and live courses available on the market. For at least the next decade, the online learning sector would continue to thrive and flourish.

As a result, now is the greatest time to join the expanding creative economy. Here’s a terrific app to help you start or assist your existing online-education business: Kohbee. It’s a smartphone app that lets online coaches and instructors run their complete business from their phone. Kohbee, established by IIT (BHU) graduates Rohan Sinha, Shashwat Aditya, and Siddharth Chauhan, is used by over 30,000 content providers and educators till date.

In this broad realm of Edtech, Kohbee aims to provide one thing that a content producer requires: an all-in-one platform. Teachers may use the company’s platform to create websites faster, schedule courses, and add students to classes in the most effective way possible.

Great content does, in fact, sell. However, you will only expand if it reaches the intended audience. The Kohbee founders had a similar problem when they initially started out as content suppliers. They eventually realised the importance of brand development, which enables creator-educators to surpass the competitors in a congested market. Kohbee competes with the finest in the market without a doubt, but its mobile-based SaaS Platform sets it apart. It permits people to deliver classes and courses even if they don’t have access to the internet.

The goal of Kohbee’s efforts is to create a community of independent creators and help them monetize their brands by offering more outstanding value to the community. Kohbee’s growth-oriented strategy has resulted in one of the most popular online education applications. It’s a free online education network that provides unrivalled value to creator-educators’ lives through ease. Teachers may work closely with students to help them develop self-confidence, and unlike in schools, they can focus on each individual. On any device, its official app boasts features including one-click app installation, 24×7 student interaction, quality-driven teaching, and intelligent class management. Teachers will have no trouble keeping track of students’ attendance, administering exams, and collecting tuition payments.

Angel investors such as Saurabh Aggarwal (Founder, Fitso), Ankit Mehrotra (CEO, Dineout), Fortunexus, Ah! Ventures, and others enabled Kohbee achieve USD 235,000 in the pre-seed fundraising round. The co-founders, Rohan Sinha, Shashwat Aditya, and Siddharth Chauhan, are equally enthusiastic about this investment. Kohbee will be built and scaled internationally, they hope.

With this money, Kohbee hopes to establish a strong core team to solve the most pressing issues facing educators today. Kohbee provides the technological know-how to drive growth and intends to produce products that educators and creators will enjoy in the next months.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Start your digital journey by Downloading the Kohbee App today!

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