Check Out These 5 Trending Vue Datatables For 2023

Vue Datatables

Last Updated on July 22, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Data is everywhere. In fact, data is what keeps a business alive and functional. Whenever it comes to accessing data in sorted formats, we need datatable. With the right kind of datatable, it’s easy for developers and businesses to represent key data in an understandable format. In this post, we’re going to talk about the top Vue datatables that you must try in 2023.

Top Vue Datatables That Deserve Your Attention

As mentioned above, without datatables, data is just a scattered mess and is of hardly any use. So, as you plan to hire Vue developer, you need to check that the prospect has hands-on experience with top Vue datatables and can use them according to the project’s needs.

To ease things for you, we have curated a crisp list of top Vue datatables that you can use in 2023 and beyond. Refer to the list before you hire Vue developers.

#1 – Bryntum Grid

Our first choice has to be Bryntum Grid as it provides all the basic yet essential features like data sorting, filtering, editing, paging, inline editing, and many more. Its drag-and-drop row reordering is one of a kind and is highly useful. Its core focus is on performance and easily optimizing the initial rendering and frame during scrolling.

You won’t have any issues in using this top Vue datatable because it provides sufficient demos and document support that you can refer to integrate it. With its inventive UI components like Gantt Chart and Scheduler, it’s indeed a great choice to make.

#2 – Vuetable

Our next pick is Vuetable which is a Vue 2. x reusable data table component allowing its users to easily convert JSON-based data into HTML table data. As datatable is HTML-based, it automatically becomes compatible with the CSS framework. It’s preferred for web applications as some of its core features are meant for web applications only. For instance, the Fields definition permits end-users to define the fields for manipulation before display.

Customization of Field Data Display is also a huge advantage of this datatable. If you’re someone using API a lot, picking this VUE datatable is best because it can handle API data very well.

#3 – KendoVue Grid

Our list is not complete if we don’t mention KendoVue Grid, which is a component built from scratch offering a wide range of forms, charts, and many features. This top Vue datatable provides best-of-breed reactivity performance and grid cell rendering customization.

There is no dearth of features with this top Vue datatable as you have a key CRUD function, paging, grouping, filtering, column reordering, scroll modes, and a drop-drop option. It can easily import/export data from PDF and Excel. With its custom Cell Template. Header Template. Detail-row Template. Master-detail Template and Group Header Template, data representation becomes quick and easy.

#4 – jQWidgest Data Grid

Up next, we have the jQWidgets data grid to recommend. It’s equivalent to Google Sheets in terms of performance and is best known for a responsive grid that you use with features like sorting, drag-drop, filtering, nested grids, and many more.

If you have huge datasets that need frequent modification, you must try this datatable. It works well with React, jQuery, and React. We simply love its filtering feature, which was too flexible. Users can filter according to their needs. Full freedom is granted to them.

#5 – Vue Good Tables

Last but not least, we recommend Vue Good Tables, a collection of powerful Vue.js datatables. It lets its users customize grouping, sorting, pagination, and column filtration. It’s very easy to use and beginner-friendly. So, even if you hire Vue developers with not very vast industry experience, s/he can use this table easily. It also offers a checkbox table, server-powered table, and grouped rows table.

Use the Right Kind of Datatable

Even if you wish that your team is capable of accessing the right kind of data at the right time, using a viable datatable is necessary. It helps you sort, paginate, filter, and understandably display huge datasets. Above, we explained some of the top Vue datatables for 2023. Try them out today and enjoy easy data access as you use Vue for application development. Do you have more options in your mind? Share them right away.

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