How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Company in My Local Area?

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Keeping your business premises spic and span has always been an important part of business ownership. Nowadays, it’s more significant than ever.

A recent study shows that 58% of workers would like to see increased cleaning and sanitization taking place at work this year. 

Are you searching for a commercial cleaning company that can live up to your high standards? Here’s how to go about it, quickly and easily.

Set Up a Clear Statement of Work

Before you start your search it’s critical to know your expectations of the cleaning company. This document sets out the tasks you expect the cleaners to perform.

It should include all the details about what areas you want cleaned, as well as when and how you want them cleaned.

A Statement of Work helps you eliminate unsuit cleaners at the outset. 

Finding a Local Commercial Cleaning Company

The cleaning industry abounds with many excellent companies and some that might not meet your expectations. How do you find the best ones? It’s simple, just ask.

Inquire with other local businesses about the cleaning companies they use, and read online reviews to discover which ones might suit you. 

An internet search will reveal plenty of commercial janitorial services and other types of cleaners. Take a look around these websites for clues about their years of experience and the services offered.

Consider Qualifications and Credentials

In most states, cleaning companies need a vendor’s license and a DBA (Doing Business As) license. They must also carry third-party insurance that protects you from theft and damages to your property while they’re on site.

The best businesses also have bonds that afford additional protection for their clients. It’s illegal to operate a business in the USA without workers’ compensation insurance, so make sure they’ve got all these documents in place.

Finally, look at their About Us page to see how long they’ve been in business and whether they’re affiliated with any industry associations. 

Consult With the Cleaning Company

Using the above checklist, you can narrow your search down to a few reputable contenders. Call them and ask for them to visit your business to discuss your needs.

During this interview, you can gauge whether they’re a good fit for you, find out about pricing and payment, and go through your statement of work. You’ll find most cleaning companies exceed your expectations when it comes to their offering.

You must inquire whether they do background checks on their employees and if they use any outside contractors.

Other issues to iron out at this time include:

  • When they intend to carry out their duties
  • The type of cleaning materials they use
  • Whether they can perform ad hoc jobs if needed

Clear communication is always the best way to start and maintain your relationship with any service provider. 

Cleanliness Benefits Your Business

It’s up to every small business owner to ensure their employees work efficiently and enjoy their work experiences. The right commercial cleaning company can help you achieve these aims. 

Numerous studies show that a clean work environment fosters improved job satisfaction and increased productivity.

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