5 Common Mailbox Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Mailbox Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Despite the advancements in technology, direct mail remains alive. The USPS delivered almost 130 billion letters within a year. It proves how a lot of Americans still prefer a personal touch.

You might consider installing curbside mailboxes for your home. If you have no prior experience, you’ll underestimate the intricacies involved.

Do you want a good starting point for the installation process? Continue reading below to avoid common mailbox installation mistakes now:

1. Choosing Cheap Materials

Never choose mailboxes with cheap and low-quality materials. It applies even when the USPS doesn’t require you to stick to a specific material. Instead, choose non-toxic, non-flammable, and opaque mailboxes.

If you use cheap plastic for your mailbox, you’ll likely replace it within a year. Meanwhile, if you’re near a coastal area, never use steel, since it will rust over within a few years. 

This mistake also applies to your mounting bracket. It’s a critical component of curbside mailboxes since it secures the box to the post. If it has cheap materials, it will lack sufficient support.

So, what is the ideal material for mailboxes for homes? The answer is to use cast aluminum or something similarly strong and durable.

2. Using Multiple Colors

Consider getting a single color when you buy or rent a mailbox. When you choose various colors, it looks erratic and unattractive. It sticks out like a sore thumb, especially when it doesn’t fit your home design.

Picking a single-color mailbox means enjoying a cohesive design. It ensures your home doesn’t look too chaotic.

3. Improper Curb Distance and Placing

Another common mistake is to install mailboxes too close or too far away from the curb. The correct space for mailboxes is from 6 to 8 inches. If you install closer than the minimum, couriers can’t pull off the side of the road.

Meanwhile, installing your mailbox farther than 8 inches makes it more difficult for couriers to reach it.

Never install your curbside mailboxes on the left side of the road. Whenever feasible, ensure it’s on the right side instead. Doing this means couriers can easily pull over when dropping or collecting mail.

4. Using a Concrete Post

Some municipalities prohibit their residents from using concrete mailbox posts. It’s because this sturdy material can become a safety hazard to vehicles and other pedestrians. 

When a car hits a concrete post, it often results in severe injuries. For this reason, opt for a breakaway-style post to avoid legal problems.

5. Deep Post Installation

Regardless of the types of mailboxes, your mailbox post should only be 2 feet deep into the ground. A way to adhere to this rule is to mark the depth and never go deeper. Otherwise, it might not break away if a car hits it.

Avoid These Mailbox Installation Mistakes Now

We hope you learned from these mailbox installation mistakes. Remember, knowing what not to do is as vital as knowing what to do. Use these to maximize your time and money.

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