How to choose the best exterior doors for your home

How to choose the best exterior doors for your home

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For those who are building or modifying their house, it is necessary to talk about doors since they are among the elements that last the most. Therefore, the choice must be careful so that they respond to their functions and resist use and the passage of time.

There is an essential range in terms of materials, design, and quality. As a first step, the specialists make a fundamental division: you have to know what to put outdoors, whether at the main entrance or towards the patio and, of course, the convenient ones inside the house.

For the best exterior doors 

When choosing the front door, we must consider several factors to achieve a combination of beauty, quality, and safety.


One of Another pioneering material that offers more unbelievable warmth and design. Best thing about it is that it is maintenance-free, which assist to get a higher quality of life, with a price alike to other materials and better reimbursement

The wooden ones

They attain technological advances and novelty that offer:

  • High concert and functionality.
  • Thus highlighting and revaluing the front of a house and presenting a pleasing artistic.
  • Providing warmth and comfort.

They are always an excellent option for our houses, regardless of the style.

For their part, pink cedar wood for the door leaves and Angelin wood for the frames are among the most precious in the market to manufacture this type of high-quality openings.

In sheet metal

There are a lot of alternative, but the most suggested are those filled with low heat insert polyurethane. A good option is those with electro zinced sheet metal, with cleaning, degreasing. The phosphatizing process was finished in electro statically applied anticorrosive paint with designs stamped in a single and double contact sheet. Get more details here at Here you will find different types of exterior doors, you can buy from them and can set up yourselves.


They represent a timeless material, low maintenance, with excellent hermeticity and water tightness behavior. They are available with flexibility, price and manufacturing. They are those that are made of wood, whether solid, veneered, or hollow. Due to their ease of adapting to all styles, they are still the most commercialized in the local square.


They are the most common. They are made on chipboard or solid wood frame, covered with all kinds of natural varnished veneers or more noble woods (cedar, cherry, walnut, pine). They respond very well to changes in temperature but have the disadvantage of being susceptible to humidity.

Solid wood

They are made of oak, cedar, eucalyptus, or pine. They have more excellent resistance.

It provides more warmth to the environment and versatility in terms of styles. Finally, they require special care and paint to enhance their raw material and are more expensive.

There is a wide variety of designs, colors, and finishes. They can be found with horizontal and vertical lines, more or less marked.

If you prefer the color of natural wood, you can find shades that imitate pine, walnut, oak, among others; also neutral colors (white and gray). To highlight the application of the black color to exterior doors such as those in the London style, with a glass top surface. They have mouldings and fixtures and panels from solid painted cedar wood that refer to London architecture, preserving the classic spirit under new, more straightforward, and cleaner lines.

New concept

New trends in architecture aim to capture as much natural light as possible and favour integrating exteriors and interiors. For this reason, the openings are more extensive, and (consequently) the doors and the spaces, in general, tend to be glazed.

French windows have gained much prominence in today’s architecture.

In this sense, aluminum openings with extensive glazing are the most requested on the market. “With a double hermetic glass (DV H), they are a fundamental bet to achieve a more efficient home, with greater hermeticity and better thermal insulation, without losing sight of the patio or garden.

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