Choosing a B.A. vs. B.S. in Business

Choosing a B.A. vs. B.S.

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

There are several factors that need to be considered while choosing a bachelor’s degree in business. A BA and a BS in Business are both undergraduate degrees lasting four years. Both the programs enable students to pursue higher studies and earn degrees like a MA in Business administration, and many others.

Deciding whether to pick a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in business comes down to your career goals in the field of business.

Read this article to find out the differences between BA in business and a BS degree. To decide which degree would suit you the best, let us understand what each of them offer, and how they differ.

What is the difference between a BA and BS degree in business?

B.A. and B.S. business are both undergraduate-level degrees but the major difference between the two lies in the concentration of the coursework. Different aspects of business are highlighted in each of these degrees. Oftentimes, a B.A. in Business degree emphasizes soft skills in college owing to the liberal arts approach.

While graduates who earned a B.S. in business were more trained on technical skills. Their education is more centred towards Science and mathematics, hence the degree in the two distinct types of degrees.

In B.S. students are expected to learn in-depth physical and biological concepts, including engineering. Even then, both these degrees hold considerable academic merit and it serves as the stepping stone for the future goals of students in finding jobs in the market or continuing towards higher studies.

A student studying a B.S. degree may be required to attend more credit hours than their B.A. counterparts. The B.A. degree, on the other hand, offers a wide range of specialities to choose from and not just restricted to technical jobs.

A graduate with a B.S. degree is expected to be an expert on technical skills with excellent knowledge of maths and statistics. They can also choose to do specialised programs to explore specific subjects such as entrepreneurship, finance, and economics.

Should you choose a B.A. or a B.S. in business?

From an academic standpoint, each of these degrees are of high value and each prepares students with unique skills. Therefore, while picking which course you want to pursue, you should consider your strengths and keep in alignment with the type of professions you would like to pursue.

For instance, a B.A in business graduate can have excellent communication and analytical skills while a candidate with a B.S. degree may enjoy maths and other technical aspects.

Go through the program curriculum of each of these degrees before applying.