Things to consider when choosing top florist service Singapore

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Are you the kind of person who likes giving a bouquet to your loved ones during their special occasions? Or do you have an upcoming wedding? Then you need to have a reliable florist who will always provide flowers for your occasion. After doing your due diligence, you will always find your go-to top florist service to attend to your needs. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a good florist.

Choose an experienced florist

You can only have a perfect floral arrangement if you order it from an experienced florist. Before you engage any florist, it’s important to check how long they have been attending to their customers. Choose a florist who has positive reviews in making different floral arrangements. A reputable florist will give you peace of mind because you know you’ll get what you ordered and the flowers will be delivered on time.

Check the qualities of the flowers

Choose a florist who sells fresh, quality flowers. Some florists will either deliver withered or broken flowers. You can visit, check the quality of the flowers, and get acquainted with how to maintain them. If the delivery will take some time, buy flowers which are still in their buds.

Check the design style

Choose a florist who knows how to make different designs. Check through their past work on their website or social media platforms to get their style. From there, you can decide whether their work is close to what you need. Some florists will promise to deliver your style, although they have never worked on that design before. You can also ask them to make a sample of your style and if they succeed, hire them.

Check the pricing

Before you engage a florist, know their pricing. That way, you can check whether their quotation fits within your budget or not. If the pricing is too high and you like their work, you can negotiate. With top florists in Singapore, you are guaranteed a discount if you are a new customer. However, you can shortlist several florists and compare their prices. You can take advantage and engage florists who offer a discount for first or regular buyers.


Work with a florist who is always there to attend to your needs. Who wants to work with a florist who’s always grumpy? You can tell whether a florist is lighthearted or not during the consultation time. Choose a florist who will answer all your questions without complaining.

The planning process

How often do you want to engage your florist? Choose a florist who agrees to work with you during your planning process. Some florists will charge consultation fees, while others do that for free. Get a florist who’s ready to make adjustments when need be.

Final thoughts

It’s important to consider some things before you choose a florist service for your big day. Instead of settling on the first florist you find, select a few and choose the best from the list. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives to save time.

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