Top coaching areas you can identify with Executive MBA

Top coaching areas you can identify with Executive MBA

Last Updated on May 27, 2022 by rida

So, what really happens in the classes designed for an executive MBA in Bangalore?

Let’s find out in this article.

Focus on Communications and Integrated Marketing

A large part of the EMBA program is orientation in Marketing, Sales, and Human relations. These business functions are all established on the common ground of “communication”. A lot of academic resources are designed around managerial communication, group activities, and organizational behavior, which have undergone so much change in the last 5 years. Communication in the physical face to face interviews or groups is very different today than what it was in the pre-COVID phase. A large part of the communication and engagement with team members happen over Zoom meetings, remote calls, and so on, with people expecting to show up in their best avatars. In EMB programs, the finer aspects of online communication techniques, speaking and writing skills along with managerial etiquette are assessed and evaluated with academic interests. This nourishes the managerial aura of the students with two objectives: first, make better humans who speak and communicate in a better manner, and second, make better marketing people.

Become Financially sound

When we state “financially sound”, it doesn’t mean you earn a lot… it means understanding the financial aspects of running a business and leveraging business tools and techniques to analyze how healthy the business is from a revenue generation and profit making perspective.

90% of the employees have no clue how sound the business is despite working in the setup for 5+ years! That’s an astonishing figure considering that things have changed so much in the last 2 years with even the best paying employers shutting down without any warning. EMBA prepares students to understand this critical side of the business that is mostly neglected in usual terms.

Handling projects and outcomes

Apart from focusing and acquiring knowledge from MBA courses, there is a critical training that goes on. It pertains to projects that you have to complete within a stipulated time and within guidelines. MBA project sessions in EMBA could range from 45 days to 90 days depending on the extent of your research and analysis in the fields of HR, Marketing, Sales, Supply chain and Operations, Finance, IT Analytics, and Now, Big data and AI.

In a full-time MBA, this might look like a cakewalk because it’s the only thing you could be doing on your agenda. But, for EMBA students, this is a tough challenge – juggling work commitments, and personal activities and then finding time to attend MBA classes and focus on the project becomes a test of nerves and patience. However, this is something that will prepare you for the rigor of doing business with like minded people who are a bit pacey and expect results quicker than others. You have tons and tons of resources available online, but it’s best to come up with something that absolutely meets your professional expectations and where you can find a certified guide to help with the project design and research.

Consultancy and Advisory

If you are to succeed with your EMBA outcomes, you have to be nimble and understanding of how the global paradigm has changed around technology benchmarks, marketing strategies, Organizational value transformation, IT automation, and much more. These aspects also give you an upper hand in your entrepreneurial endeavors if you choose to extend your career dimensions toward research, consultancy, and advisory, where big companies like Google, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Accenture are always looking for talented professionals and associates who can provide a data based assessment and recommendations on companies and strategies as they head into new markets, set or mergers and acquisitions, or simply extend their headcount at the base locations.

Undoubtedly, EMBA in Bangalore or anywhere in India benefits you at every level of your career by refining your approach to business.

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