Combine trends and traditions with some gorgeous bangles


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Colourful, radiant, and simply gorgeous- gold bangles have always held a unique place in a woman’s heart and for the right reasons! They can give any occasion and attire a lasting effect and with the right designs, and you can make your bangles be the spotlight of your look! The perfect stack would contain the best of modern and traditional designs, mixing textures, stones, and shapes, and these would be enough to enhance any outfit.

Trending Bangle Designs

Finding the perfect bangle to suit specific outfits and occasions can be tough, but with these popular choices, you would have something to accentuate all your styles.

1. Sleek Bangle

Delicate and sleek bangles can be the perfect addition to your daily wear jewellery collection. One reason behind this is that these bangles are lightweight and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. These bangles can be made of either gold or platinum- if you are choosing gold, then you could always go for yellow, white, or rose gold, or even mix it up and choose dual tones options. Moreover, an everyday bangle will go great with all casual outfits.

2. Diamond adorned bangle

Perfect for any occasion- a diamond-adorned charm can offer the perfect companion to any elegant outfit! The base metal of the bangle could be made from gold or platinum, depending on your preferences, but both these metals are strong and durable enough to hold your diamonds in place without any damages.

3. Kadas

Kadas are wider bangles usually handcrafted in complex designs and patterns. A bangle like this is beautifully created from gold or platinum, adorned with precious and semi-precious stones. You could even get kadas decorated with emeralds and pearls, depending on whether it matched your attire. Kadas can perfectly blend with both traditional and modern styles.

4. Bracelet Bangle

Bracelet bangles are a combination of bangles and bracelets- these contain a single piece along with an adjustable hook. A bracelet bangle is the best option for trendy and contemporary looks, and it goes very well with casual outfits.

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5. Modern bangle

Modern bangles are a blend of geometric patterns and architectural elements, making them the perfect option for anyone looking for a minimalistic bangle design. Modern bangles provide a much bolder look and are the best accessory for making a statement.

6. Stack bangle

Stacks would contain a set of interlocked bangles piled up high with designs and patterns you cannot resist! These look amazingly well with traditional and casual outfits, and since these come in many shades, you can match them up with anything!

Tips to purchasing bangles

Check out these tips to consider before purchasing a gold or platinum bangle:

  • When purchasing a bangle, always make sure that it is around ½ inch larger than the actual size of your wrist. This way, you will never struggle to wear them.
  • If you are purchasing a bangle as a gift, it is best to go for an adjustable one with a hook when you do not know the size of their wrist.
  • When purchasing a specific shade of gold, always make sure it complements your outfit.

Collect the best stack of bangles of different sizes, shapes, and colours to go perfectly with all your outfits and occasions!

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