Complete List: 10 Best Sourcing Agents in China

Complete List: 10 Best Sourcing Agents in China

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Did you start a business? Want to start with a small number of products? Not fit in the caliber of big agents for sourcing? One of the best sourcing agents in China is JustChinaIt. And Here is a directory for you and can make inquiries from the best china sourcing agents.

Things that sourcing agents can do for your business:

The best sourcing agent handles the overall work from finding new products to the shipment process. A best china sourcing agent will guide you to the new trends of the market and ensure quality control by visiting enterprises. The best china sourcing agent will ensure and minimize the risks when importing goods.

What does China import agent mean:

A sourcing agent is a freelancer that assists foreign people in importing products for their business. Besides, china’s import agent helps in packaging, dropshipping and helps in fast delivery by charging some extra amount. The best sourcing agent requires many employees to ensure quality and fast delivery of goods.

Why choose a Chinese sourcing agent:

China becomes a major manufacturer of goods with its high quality and low-priced goods. So, if you are a seller on Amazon or any other online platform, you may have searched for buying goods from Alibaba or any other platform. It is challenging to decide which supplier is best for both quality and pricing. Most of the major manufacturers only deal with exporting firms. This is a point where a Chinese sourcing agent can help you out.

A lot of people in China are providing the services of a sourcing agent. By hiring a Chinese sourcing agent you can save a lot of your time and also import products of high quality as compared to when you import goods by yourself because you do not have an idea of Chinese market trends.

 Best china sourcing agent helps you find reliable manufacturers for your business. Because the Chinese sourcing agent is native, he knows the pros and cons of every manufacturer’s resulting in sourcing the best goods at reasonable prices.

How much you pay to a sourcing agent:

The amount you pay to the sourcing agent primarily depends on the product type and the number of goods you are importing. So, there is no set amount, usually, it is 5-10% of the total goods price. But, if you have bigger order, you can bargain with your sourcing agent. Try to build good relations with your sourcing agent.

Why you need a sourcing agent:

If you do not have experience in how to import from china, and you need many products to import, you need the best sourcing agent in china to assist and help you out many works sourcing manufacturers, pricing, and inspection of the goods, and shipping. 

If you are importing a small number of goods, consider direct buying from the manufacturers. You do not have any need to hire a sourcing agent and pay for no reason. The important thing to keep in mind before hiring a sourcing agent, i-e the sourcing agent can only help you buy common products. They will not help you import industry products. In this case, you have to find suppliers directly by yourself or visit china for safe import. The majority of the importers are trying to import by themselves and avoid paying extra money to sourcing agents. If you meet the supplier’s MOQ and have the potential to smoothly deal with the suppliers, then consider importing goods by yourself.

How to select the best purchasing agent in china:

Choose a sourcing agent that has plenty of know-how regarding the product. Knowing the product is important in pricing when purchasing goods for import. It will decide whether the product turns to be profit or loss. Before, hiring a sourcing agent ask them to provide previous feedbacks from customers. Selecting the best china sourcing agent may be challenging in finding an experienced and professional agent.

Strong communication skills must not be neglected when hiring a china shopping agent. China agent for import must be quick to respond to emails or other ways of communication and must have command in English. The sourcing agent must be able to understand the needs and requirements of the customers.

The best china sourcing agent for import/export knows well of the necessary paperwork required for legal import/export. Below are some important questions to ask sourcing agents before hiring:

1. How many years of experience do they possess.

2. What is the backup plan for the fraud if happened.

3. How they classify the supplier as skilled.

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This blog is all about best sourcing agents for China products. We discussed some of the best agents from all over the China.