When does dysport take effect


When dysport begins to act, an external transformation of a person takes place. The procedure has the same effect as Botox, which is quite popular among the population. Dysport helps to get rid of mimic wrinkles, align eyebrows, and tighten the contours of the face. The use of the substance in small quantities is aimed at correcting cosmetic imperfections. The drug is also used to solve some problems of a neuralgic nature with a pronounced decrease in muscle tone, so there are many reasons to order dysport.

What is the procedure and when does the action of dysport begin

With age, natural expression lines appear on the face, they are especially noticeable on the forehead, in the corners of the eyes, near the lips. With the introduction of dysport, muscle blockage occurs, mobility is temporarily limited. The preparation contains highly purified botulinum toxin. Thanks to this relaxing effect, the face is smoothed in problem areas. This procedure is a good alternative to plastic surgery. Consider what the procedural measures are:

  • before the start of the session, the doctor consults with the patient, where he explains how and after what time dysport begins to act;
  • the doctor designates the place for the injection of the substance with a marker;
  • injection sites are treated with a special disinfectant;
  • before use, the powder must be dissolved in saline;
  • a syringe with a thin, small needle is used for the procedure;

Sensitivity after dysport injections decreases. However, the procedure does not have any negative effect on blood circulation. There is no atrophy of muscle nerves, blood moves freely through the vessels.

For a woman, after undergoing a session, it is important to understand how long the dysport effect begins. It depends on many factors:

  • Blocking. The impact on the nerves and muscles is not immediate. Although the substance fills the hollow places of the folds immediately upon introduction.
  • Mimicry. Facial expressions remain unchanged.
  • Result. Depends on the amount of the drug administered. The effect appears within a week.
  • Physiology. The effectiveness depends on the characteristics of the human body.

In the first hours after the session, there is a feeling of numbness; outwardly noticeable is a slight swelling. The body’s reaction to the injection is natural. The swelling gradually subsides after a few hours. If you have redness or lumps at the injection site, see your doctor. The first results are usually visible after 2 days, when the swelling completely subsides. Some moments of flaws on the part of the cosmetologist are possible; wrinkles are visible, asymmetry of the sides of the face. Then you need to make an additional correction and can buy lip fillers online. After a few weeks, the side reactions go away. Now, with pronounced shortcomings, changes can be made only after 6-9 months.

The effect

Dysport, when it starts to act, then the contours of the face are restored, wrinkles are smoothed, and the brow ridges are understood. The skin looks firm, youthful and fresh. Also, an indication for the use of the drug dysport is increased sweating. The effective effect of the substance helps in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. The smell disappears within 2 weeks; the procedure is repeated no earlier than after 6 months.

Before and after the session, the patient receives a number of recommendations, gets acquainted with the contraindications. A prerequisite is a preliminary refusal to drink alcohol; stop taking antibiotics and drugs that help thin the blood. After the session, you need to adhere to an upright position for several hours. During the day, it is recommended to actively make facial movements. Refrain from visiting saunas, baths, pools, and other procedures for 2 weeks. Side effects can only occur if the patient does not adhere to the recommendations of the cosmetologist.

On average, the duration is from six months to 9 months. Doctors advise against injecting more often and shortening the intervals.


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