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How Shelving Dramatically Changed Two Homeowners’ Renovation Projects

If you’re looking to make some changes to your home’s interior, there’s more than enough information on the web to keep you browsing, and, worse, second-guessing your choices.

Sometimes the best way to make a decision is to hear other people’s experiences and see what worked for them.

Here, we present case-studies of two very different homeowners who were considering making significant changes in their kitchen and bathroom. We’ll show you how they utilized custom shelves to make their homes unique and a perfect fit for their taste and lifestyle.

Perhaps you’ll relate to one of these stories, or see yourself in one of these homeowners. Better yet, maybe the solutions presented here will inspire you in ways you didn’t expect.

Meet Our Two Homeowners: A Suburban Family and an Overworked Professional

  1. A family in the suburbs is looking to revitalize their kitchen, now that their children are a little bit older, and they’re past the stage of waking up to find crayon on the walls and a minefield of toys throughout the house.
  1. A single homeowner with a very busy job loves their home, but has settled for a less-than-perfect bathroom in an otherwise great house. It’s time to do something – even if it’s not time to completely renovate – so this homeowner can give themselves the self-care they’ve been neglecting.

Let’s Find Out How Custom Shelves Made the Difference

  1. Our Suburban Family: These homeowners love sitting outside to enjoy the outdoors. They’re not in the country, of course, but the fall foliage, blanketing snow, and seasonable springs and summers in their area make them feel like they have a little bit of nature beside them at all times, which they watch through a large, modern picture window in the kitchen.

The homeowners’ plan is to update the stain on their wood-flooring with something a bit darker, contrasted by clean, sleek off-white quartz countertops, warm white paint to bring in the sunlight from the picture window, and faceless, state-of-the art appliances that didn’t distract from the design elements.

But then there is the issue of the cabinetry. The cabinetry makes the kitchen feel like the set of an ʼ80s family comedy. Taking up too much headroom, and stacked with random novelty cups, old coffee mugs, and mismatched plates, theirs feels like the generic cabinetry of any outdated American kitchen.

How Custom Shelving Helped: This is when the family started looking into custom shelving. Their kitchen looked exceptionally modern, but, now, the homeowners thought it looked maybe a bit too modern, and they needed  a touch of something down-to-earth, yet still classy.

In another sense, they needed one last design element that would connect the nature outside their window with the kitchen. The parents imagined themselves being able to sit with their hands cupped around a coffee in the mornings, looking out at the fog rolling in, or the sunlight streaming through the trees.

Their interior designer recommended farmhouse pipe shelves, which emphasized the beautiful, textured grains of pine supported by gunmetal piping. Almost like what you’d find in a country kitchen, this solution allowed this family to elegantly display select kitchenware, as well as a few special touches, like vintage Ball jars. Now, their kitchen is complete. It’s modern and high-class, with a generous dash of relatability and down-home comfort.

  1. Our Homeowner with a Bathroom in Need of Love: This homeowner wanted to turn their bathroom into a haven for self-care without a complete renovation. They focused on some simple strategies recommended by their interior designer to turn this space into a place for de-stressing and soothing post-work rituals without having to do any construction.

The interior designer first recommended fresh paint, opting for light sage to set a relaxing mood, as well as to bring a bit of light into this neglected space. Second, a contractor replaced the 1970s yellowing tub and shower – the kind with the wobbly gliding doors – and selected a gorgeous stand-alone tub in porcelain white with cast iron feet.

The biggest trouble the designer and homeowner had now, however, was figuring out how to sweep away the many products, knick-knacks, and other clutter-making bathroom essentials, and find appropriate storage space for key items, while getting rid of the rest.

How Custom Shelving Helped: The interior designer in this case recommended a similar solution to the farmhouse pipe shelves in the suburban family’s kitchen. Much like the natural elegance of the pine shelving there, this homeowner went with walnut shelving and a dark stain to accentuate this wood’s time-worn grooves.

However, instead of piping, the designer chose “floating” shelves, which contain an invisible bracket, so that the shelving looks suspended in mid-air. Two of these shelves were installed opposite the sink, and, as an additional touch, these custom shelves came with a lighted option via small, flush LED lights beneath each piece of shelving that are even rechargeable by USB.

The homeowner was excited to spend a little extra cash on a soft, organic robe,

as well as towels they normally would never have purchased for themselves, and they even added some spa-grade beautification and self-care items, and arranged them on the shelf for an orderly, mindful, and uniform look. The bathroom is now a place for care and relaxation, as opposed to a throwaway room that will get some attention “one of these days.”

The Big Takeaway: Custom Shelves Can Be Transformative

For both of these homeowners, custom shelves turned solid renovation suggestions into something even better: a transformation that allows these rooms to function as intended, for lifestyle and practicality, while also setting a specific tone and purpose. Shelving like this – when customized with invisible brackets, iron pipe, LED lighting, sustainably-sourced wood, and other features – can only be found at unique companies dedicated to craftsmanship, aesthetics, and true expertise.

Did you relate to the family who wanted to get rid of the classic suburban kitchen cabinetry? Or are you deprioritizing something in your life that could be reinvigorated with a room redesign, like our stressed professional with an undesirable bathroom? Maybe somewhere in-between?

When you’re ready to make a change to a room in your home – or multiple rooms –  consider the benefits of custom shelving from an expert family-owned custom shelving company. It could make all the difference for you.

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