The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent Easy

The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent Easy

Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by Umer Malik

Are you ready to buy or sell a home? If so, it isn’t a passive process. In fact, for most people, it is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make.

Because of this, finding the best real estate agent is a must.

The question is, how do you determine who the best is? If you need some tips to help you make this important decision, keep reading.

Speak to a Lender First

If you are buying, it’s a good idea to talk to a lender before finding a real estate agent. After all, knowing what you can afford is a must before trying to shop for a home.

Being preapproved for a mortgage lets, you know the maximum amount you can borrow and lets you know what issues – if any – must be worked out before starting the shopping process.

Knowing this “magic number” will help you stick with homes in the right price range. It also shows potential real estate agents you are a serious buyer.

If you are buying in a competitive market, you will likely need a preapproval letter for a seller to consider your offer.

Consider the Person Not Just the Experience

It’s a good idea to find a real estate agent who works for and with you. You can’t choose someone based on experience alone.

While experience is good to have, it isn’t everything. You will spend a lot of time with your agent and need to make sure you “mesh” well.

Choose someone real and relatable, such as an agent from this company. Be sure to choose a person for you, not just the house. You need to find a person you can talk to who is also good at negotiating.

Find Someone Who Knows the Area

You need to find someone who knows your area. While area knowledge may seem arbitrary, it can make a huge difference.

When selecting a real estate agent, be sure to “zoom” in as much as you can. For example, not just someone who knows the city, but someone who knows the north end of the city from the east, and where the best houses for your price range can be found.

It’s also beneficial if they have made other sales in the community you are interested in. The more familiar and specialized your agent is with the neighborhood, the better.

It means they are going to have valuable connections and local knowledge.

Ask Your Network for Referrals

Take time to ask people you know (family members, friends, co-workers, etc.) if they have a real estate agent they recommend. You want to find someone who is familiar with clients who have similar needs to your own.

For example, if you are a first-time buyer, your needs are unique from repeat buyers or a homeowner who wants to downsize.

You may also want to consider a real estate agent who is a Realtor. With the capital “R,” it means they are a member of the NAR – National Association of Realtors.

This also means they have agreed to the code of ethics. You can also consider other training someone may have in specific areas of real estate.

Listen to Your Gut

Your brain uses emotion and logic when trying to make a decision. You need to listen to your intuition, which most people call your “gut” instinct.

If you are talking with a real estate agent, be sure to see if they do a lot of business or have good reviews. You should also go with your gut.

Do they feel like the right person? Or should you keep looking for someone else?

Find Someone Who Is Tech-Savvy

There’s a reason people refer to modern times as the digital era. Today, technology impacts everything, including the real estate buying and selling process.

If you plan to buy or sell a home, you will likely go online at some point.

Home profiles today include background information, photos, and more. While it may seem simple to create a listing, online marketing is never that easy.

There is quite a bit of expertise and skill that goes into online real estate marketing. You need to ensure the agent you hire is fully aware and capable of handling the tech side of things.

This is one of the only ways that your listing or purchase will be successful.

Read the Contract Carefully

Your contract will let you know what terms you agree to, including the amount of real estate commission being taken.

Usually, the seller will pay six percent of the total sale price of the home in commissions. Half goes to their agent, and the other half goes to the buyer’s agent.

You can negotiate the commission rate; however, you can expect to pay just under six percent on average.

“Also, look at the length of the contract. Be sure to find one that is six months or less. This will ensure you aren’t locked into someone who isn’t helping you get results.

Now You Know How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent

When searching for the best real estate agent, there are more than a few factors to consider. Using the information above will help you find the right person for the job.

Also, knowing what to look for in a real estate agent will help you figure out who to avoid or who may not have your best interest at heart.

Are you looking for more information and helpful resources? If so, be sure to read some of the other blogs on our site.