How Much Does It Cost to Ship Vehicle in the United States? 6 Factors To Consider

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Vehicle in the United States? 6 Factors To Consider

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Transporting a vehicle from one location to another is called car shipping. A business owner’s task of moving automobiles for clients can be difficult at first, especially for those who are new to the industry. How much your shipment costs and how many shipping methods you have to choose from may surprise you.

Choosing an auto shipping company business is the first step in obtaining a car shipping service that is both affordable and reliable. You may use the information in this article to get a head start on the car shipping procedure.

There is no such thing as a conventional auto transport quote. In addition to affecting shipping prices for different consumers, these variables can also alter pricing for the same person based on their schedules. So let’s start with the six variables that car owners care about the most: those that they can influence!

The season 

If you’re not in a hurry to get to your destination, you can choose the month your car ships. When it comes to car shipping charges, seasonal strategy can provide you some leverage, but there are some drawbacks.

For car carriers, for example, the months of July and August are the hottest. There is a surge in business since people have more time to move, change jobs, etc. They will raise their rates to take advantage of the high demand. A carrier that’s prepared to undercut the competition during this busy period can be your lucky break.

The low season for auto shipping lasts from December through February. Many carriers are willing to lower their pricing in order to compete for fewer contracts because they all have to earn money. Even while it’s an advantage for the client to be able to get to their destination faster, bad weather might lead to longer journey times or more risky routes for carriers. Both of these can result in an increase in the shipping quote.

As more people move south for the winter, the market may see a spike in demand, similar to what happens during the summer. The lesson here is to think about Spring. Car shipment costs may be reduced because it’s parked in the middle of two costly periods.

Auto Transport Methods

It’s the second cost component that drivers can influence. What gives? If you’d prefer to use a different vehicle transporter, that’s fine, too! Open carrier shipping can save you up to $500 compared to the other auto transport methods.

Open auto shipping, on the other hand, doesn’t offer the same level of security as enclosed car shipping, which means that the car is at greater risk of being damaged or stolen while in transportation. Top-loading is an alternative, which involves placing your vehicle on top of a rig, which reduces the risk of damage from road debris, but it also increases the cost.

If you’re exporting a classic, antique, vintage, or luxury car, the stakes are even higher. In the end, does open carry make sense? Ultimately, the risk you’re willing to take in order to save money now will determine this portion of your car shipping costs (but potentially pay later).

Then, let’s take a look at some of the things that no car owner has any say in.

Dimensions of the journey

Carrier charges such as fuel usage and mileage are two that customers cannot avoid. To put it another way, the longer the carrier has to work to transport your vehicle, as well as the higher your costs may be, the further your vehicle is traveling. There are two further costs to consider: tolls and the cost of weigh stations along the route.

However, shipping big distances may cost you less per mile than shipping a shorter distance because some vehicle carriers do not want to lose potential clients on the latter or to lose income from the former. Make sure to inquire about any carrier’s discounted pricing for longer distances.

Door-to-door vs. terminal-to-terminal

Convenience comes at a greater fee if the shipper picks the car up and drops it off at or near your pre-selected location. As a result, it may be necessary for the carrier to put in additional effort to get your vehicle to the required location.

Drive the car out yourself to a transportation terminal, where it will be left and picked up before being dropped off at a different transportation terminal. You’ll also have to travel there to get your car. Terminal fees soon pile up, making this a pricey option even though it appears to be less expensive.

Dimensions and condition of the vehicle

Factor in any roof racks or other modifications to the vehicle’s width and height when calculating the vehicle’s dimensions. Greater fuel is needed to move a heavier car since the rig has to carry more weight. As a result, both the carrier’s and your own costs go up.

The carrier’s rig’s capacity is influenced by the vehicle’s height and width. You’ll be paid more because the carrier might have transported another vehicle if yours takes up two spots.

Not every automobile is also ready to be loaded onto a transport vehicle. It is necessary to move some machines in a state of partial or total incapacitation. There is an increased risk of damage to the vehicle during shipment because of this.

Vehicle Shipping Insurance

Some sort of insurance will be in place for both your vehicle and the auto carrier. There is a risk here that their level of coverage may not be adequate for your vehicle’s requirements. Vehicle shipping insurance is a good idea if you plan on transporting your vehicle. This increases the initial cost of shipping an automobile, but it provides a safety net in the event of damage.

Ship My Car

If you need to move your vehicle, start by looking for reputable a auto shipping company online. Research about the business you choose and ask them questions. Do not forget to ask them for their USDOT and MC number because this will prove their legitimacy. Finally, ask for a car shipping quote so you can know the average prices of their services and if it will suit your budget.