The path of creation and development of the Angular framework


Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

There are many different platforms for developing interactive websites or single page applications. Such applications are usually written in JavaScript.

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language used to develop interactive websites and applications.

To date, the Angular platform has become the most popular among all other JavaScript platforms and libraries. It includes functionality for working with “cookies”, which allows you to easily create single-page applications (SPA) in record time, as well as libraries such as requireJS or Underscore JS.

When you’re looking for a framework to build your next project, there are plenty of options. But what if I were forced to choose and could only choose from two options – Angular or React? Decision is made!

The Angular framework is a development by Google to simplify the creation of single page web applications. Angular was developed in 2009 until their work on another project came to fruition, so they created new software that eventually became known as “AngularJS”. It was officially released in 2010 and has become an open source platform used by various industries, including tech startups like Facebook.

Since then, the platform has been constantly changed and improved. Over time, AngularJS has been renamed to simply Angular. Of the innovations, the new version began to work based on TypeScript. This is an improved version of JavaScript, which, when compiled, allows you to optimize the code – removing errors, garbage and making it as clear as possible for the machine.

At the moment, there are already 9 versions of Angular: Angular 1, Angular 2 … Angular 9.

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The main advantages of the Angular framework versions:

The release of Angular 2 meant that many changes were made to the original framework. Moving away from TypeScript and into mobile devices has resulted in a change in architectural style that is more component-based with a new built-in compiler thanks to typescripts support for smaller apps than before, as well as changes to the syntax making it impossible to simply update a current app without doing some work. on one’s own

When Google released Angular 4, Router was also updated to version 4.1 so that applications can be developed more easily and efficiently with the new features of this updated software package for both web designers and developers who work on sitesinde projects!

A few examples include:

setting your own branding by adding custom elements to HTML templates;

Transition between different designs without repeating style information twice on each web page – only one set will be applied automatically depending on which device your site is visited from (Desktop vs Mobile);

Modifying layout style sheets is now easier than ever before because all the code associated with them is now available.

In versions 5 and 6, the Angular development team introduced new features that improve the performance of programs and the quality of code compilation. Workspaces allow users to organize multiple projects in different directories and also have a command line interface for automated tasks. This update brings new features such as web workers to help with performance when you need it most – for example, during busy hours or when an unexpected error occurs on one of your pages.

The latest version of the Angular 9 Command Line Interface (CLI) has been enhanced with tooltips to help explain functions and their purpose. This add-on makes it easier to use than ever before!

In recent releases, such as 8 and 9, several improvements have been made that improve the usability of a terminal window or command line interpreter – two features that can be important tools for developers focused on improving the efficiency of software.

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