Here Are Some of the Reasons behind Your Blocked Drains

Here Are Some of the Reasons behind Your Blocked Drains
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In today’s daily environment, we generate different types and large quantities of waste that have a very high possibility of getting accumulated in the pipe of our drainage system if not taken care of. It is a big day-to-day challenge to properly treat them and keep our drains block free. It is a huge hassle for every family when their drainage system gets blocked, as cleaning it is not easy. Various techniques and hacks are introduced to unclog the drain, but it is still a nuisance. Popular companies help unclog the blocked drains in Brisbane easily. Although blocked drains are a nuisance, there are some reasons why they occur. 

Reasons Behind Blocked Drains

Throwing waste items in the drain

The number one reason why our drains get clogged is us throwing miscellaneous items down our drainage system. Although these items should easily pass through, they often get stuck in the pipe, which causes the drain to get blocked. 

Small Pipes

Another reason our drains get clogged is that we use the wrong size of pipes. There have often been cases reported about people using narrow-width pipes compared to the main drain pipe size. This is primarily why the drainage system gets blocked, which further raises many problems. 

Lack of professional service 

Although you don’t need to call for professional service every time there is a problem in your drainage system, you need to have a proper inspection of the drainage system from time to time to identify any foreseeable problems and keep the drainage pipes block free. Lack of professional service is one of the main reasons a drainage system gets blocked. Often, people do not want to call for professional help, assuming that they can fix the problem. But one should at least make it a point to call for professional services once or twice a year. Reputed companies provide excellent professional services to help unclog blocked drains in Brisbane

Faulty Piece 

Another main reason why there is a high possibility for our drains to get blocked is that the product turns out to be a faulty piece. At times, the product, in this case, a drainage system from the very start, is a faulty piece. This means that the working of the product is not smooth, which is because of faulty manufacturing processes or improper post-production checks by the company manufacturing these drainage pipes. 

Hair Strands

Another reason our drains get blocked is that hair strands get clogged in the drain. It is no surprise when the major reason drains get blocked is hair strands as the house is filled with many family members of various ages who may have a problem with hair fall. Therefore Hair fall is one of the most common particles found in a blocked drain. 


The above factors are some of the reasons why drains are blocked. Various companies provide their services for unclogging blocked drains, like Alexander Plumbing & Gas unclog blocked drains in Brisbane.