Things to Know Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Things to Know Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer
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Criminal lawyers are hired to defend the individuals who have been accused of some sort of crime. They are needed to side with their client and prove their innocence. What would one do when subjected to an unfortunate situation where they need to hire a criminal lawyer criminal lawyers in Cairns.

For instance, you live in Cairns and need to find such a lawyer for yourself. Would you simply search ‘lawyers near me’ and select the one that comes on top? You might research a little and choose Hartley Whitla Lawyers for yourself, but what are some things you must consider before hiring a suitable lawyer?

The answer to this question is given in the next section. 

You need to examine the following points before hiring a criminal lawyer:

Before hiring any lawyer, it is a must that you hire a good lawyer in order to ensure that you win the case at the end of the day. To help you selecting the right lawyer, here are few tips you can use to select:


Checking and asking for the qualifications of your potential criminal lawyers in Cairns should be your first step. Ensure they have the right and sufficient education and degree to plead your case.


Experience plays a significant role in just about any and every job, and it is alike for lawyers. The more experienced a lawyer is, the more confident and familiar with the job they would be. So, feel free to ask about their experience and ask for some references.

Success Rate

The ultimate goal of hiring criminal lawyers in Cairns is to win the case. The best way to know the probability of winning is by analyzing the lawyer’s success rate.


Location is another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. A lawyer who resides away from your city might not be able to meet you as frequently as required, hindering the possibility of you winning the case. Take this as an example again. The one living in Cairns might go for Hartley Whitla Lawyers as they are located in Crain’s. However, a lawyer should not be hired because they are located near you.


Court cases can be costly. You have to see if the fees asked by your lawyer are affordable and reasonable. The fee structure should also be asked, i.e., how and when to be paid. Here, how refers to the mode of payment and what can be the payment basis (monthly, lump sum, or quarterly).


A lawyer’s reputation represents how they’ve handled clients in the past. This gives us a borderline introduction as to how they will treat us as clients. It also shows the quality of legal representation the lawyer will offer.

The Bottom Line 

A legal case can create a lot of stress mentally and financially on an individual. Losing the case further exacerbates the situation. Hence thorough research should be done before selecting the right criminal lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is much more than selecting Hartley Whitla Lawyers for a Cairns resident. It is instead doing thorough research even after choosing a reputed firm.

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