Debunking the Most Common Myths That Exist About Various Types of Wasps

Types of Wasps
A young Paper Wasp Queen builds a nest to start a new colony.

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Did you know that wasps are very important pollinators? Unfortunately, most people view wasps as dangerous creatures that are ready to attack at all times. While some types of wasps are quite aggressive, not all are like that. 

Today, we will look at some more common misconceptions about wasps and tell you the cold hard truth! 

Remove Wasps Nest Only At Night 

You may have read somewhere that the safest time to remove a wasp nest is at night. Unfortunately, getting rid of a wasps nest is never an easy task, no matter when you do it.

Even if the wasps are resting during the night hours, they’ll still swarm out of the nest as soon as they feel threatened. 

A Wasp Trap Will Remove All of The Wasps

Another common misconception is that a wasp trap will take care of the problem. The truth is that it will help distract the wasps for some time, but after a while, the wasps will resume their food harvesting. 

You may think about using a wasp trap to capture some wasps, but that will have minimal impact since a common paper wasp nest has over 100 wasps.

Wasps Love Ice Cream

This myth exists because we often see wasps during the summertime when people are eating ice cream.

The truth is that summertime is when the wasps’ population is at its highest peak, which means more wasps are flying around. In addition, wasps generally search for other insects and are not attracted to sweet things. 

Wasps Can’t Produce Honey

There is some truth in this myth since most types of wasps don’t produce honey, but some do! For example, the Mexican wasp does, for a fact, produce honey. But, of course, the honey produced by the Mexican wasp isn’t edible for humans, so that’s why it’s not well-known.

Wasps Don’t Leave Their Stinger

As you may already know, once a bee stings you, it will die since its stinger detaches from its body. In sharp contrast, a wasp can sting you several times since its stinger doesn’t separate.

Of course, if you were to squash a wasp while it’s stinging you, then that will make its stinger stay in you.

Wasps Will Not Chase You

If you are at a safe distance from a wasp nest and are not disturbing them, they will not bother you.

However, if you were to disturb the wasps, you could expect them to chase you for at least 300 feet. If a wasp stings you, you’d now carry an odor that will help other wasps find you, so if you’re being chased, don’t stop.

That’s why wasp removal is no trivial matter. Be sure to use a professional pest control company to help you. 

Wasps Are Peaceful If Left Alone

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of wasps. Still, always be extra cautious when dealing with them and their nest, and never take them for granted. And don’t be ashamed to contact a pest removal service, as they can do it a lot quicker and safer. 

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