The definitive guide to selecting nursing shoes

The definitive guide to selecting nursing shoes

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

As nurses, you are likely to be on your feet much of the time. If you don’t have the right footwear, long working hours can be a nightmare for knees, feet, as well as hips. Bottom line: poor shoes could be your most dangerous adversary.

“We often visit nurses to address a variety of foot problems, including bunions, hammertoes, foot or ankle pain, as well as plantar fasciitis” states Alexander Sawatzke, MD, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle issues. “That’s the point where a well-fitting shoe can be of great help. In the long term research shows that a shoe that can accommodate existing foot issues or imbalances could be crucial in preventing foot pain and assisting existing foot problems to improve and avoiding the need for surgical intervention.”

Derek McCroy, BSN, RN who has worked for Nebraska Medicine both as a technician for patient care and a registered nurse for over 10 years, has a wealth of experience. “A well-fitting nursing shoe will provide many benefits to your professional career. When I first began my career working in health, I soon realized that I had to look after my feet. My feet were painful towards the end of the day. Even my legs hurt. Many nurses track their steps. Let me say that their numbers are incredible. Your legs and feet will become tired and your knees may get injured if you don’t take good care of them. A good nursing shoe can aid in reducing joint pain. If your feet feel comfortable then your knees will be too.”

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can give you the greatest comfort and support as well as support, Dr. Sawatzke and McCroy recommend these elements as essential in helping your feet and you to get through the day in the best condition possible.

The perfect size

“Your shoe should be snug, but it shouldn’t be too snug, nor too wide,” notes Dr. Sawatzke. “Extra space within the heel or toe could result in slippage or rubbing while pinching in the heel area or the toe could result in friction as well as blisters.”

Non-slip sole

Shoes that can allow for quick movements and turns are essential for nike nurse shoes 2022 who have to be always on their feet. Choose shoes that have rubber soles and good tread patterns, says Dr. Sawatzke.

Absorption of shock

“The sole serves as the center for the shoes,” McCroy adds McCroy. “If your sole doesn’t feel comfortable and efficient your feet won’t last through a 12-hour shift.”

A shoe that has the thickest sole and padding can provide shock absorption and help to reduce ankle, knee, as well as hip joint pain.

Wide toe box

Be sure that the toe box is large enough to not press against your toes. This is particularly important for those who suffer from problems like bunions or Hammertoe, as explained by Doctor. Sawatzke. Hoka shoes are renowned for their wide shoe boxes, support, and stability. Stretchy mesh can also reduce pressure on bunions as well as hammertoes.

Stiff sole

For those with severe toe arthritis, or arthritis discomfort on the feet’s top, a more rigid sole that does not twist will offer greater support and ease the pain according to said Dr. Sawatzke says. Choose a sole that is stiffer that is, for instance, one with a Vibram sole that also has a good traction and is durable. Dansko, as well as Merrill, are two brands of shoes that usually have more rigid soles.

Rocker lower

Patients suffering from arthritis in the ankle should look into footwear with rocker soles. This kind of shoe is more padded than the normal soles and has a rounded heel and a toe space (toe, as well as heel regions, curving upwards) to lessen pressure on the middle of the foot, aiding you in your walking gait according to said Dr. Sawatzke explains. Certain Sketchers have this type of shoe’s design.

Easy to wash

You never know what you going to stumble upon spilled bedside vomiting, water, or other body fluids, according to McCroy, and therefore anything that is easy to wipe down with a cloth-like synthetic or leather is crucial.

“I am not going to forget the moment when one of my buddies who worked on an inpatient medical-surgical floor alongside me walked out of the room looking extremely down,” recalls McCroy. “She was wearing her brand-new Nike Tennis shoes with mesh covering for the first time. They were bright and vibrant and looked amazing! I asked, ‘Anna I’m confused, what’s the problem?’ she replied”Oh my God are you wearing a different shoe? I was peeing on my new shoes and it was soaking through the mesh of my new shoes and right down the soles of my shoes.'”

An easy-to-clean alternative one is the Crocs shoe. It is also odor-resistant and comes with a large toe box according to the doctor. Sawatzke. However, they don’t have a rigid sole so they’re not the best choice for people suffering from arthritis in the foot.

Replace your shoes following noticeable wear and tear.

Check the sole of your shoe for wear and check along both sides as well as the heel to make sure that you’re still receiving the stability and support you require. If you begin to notice a footprint of your foot within the shoe then it’s time to swap the shoe.

Ice and stretch

“One of the most beneficial actions you can take on a regular basis to prevent issues such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis is to stretch your calves prior to and after a long, tiring day,” says Dr. Sawatzke. Put your foot on the step, with your heel hanging off. Then, push your heel back and maintain your knee straight to get an extended stretch. Night splints could also help with chronic plantar fasciitis that helps to stretch your calves all night as you sleep. Ice can be beneficial for painful feet that are arthritic. If you suffer from Achilles tendonitis plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, or another feet pain that isn’t resolved after 4 to 6 weeks of stretching regularly and icing, you should consider visiting your doctor for advice doctor. Sawatzke advises.

Give them some time to recover

“Don’t neglect to take proper care of yourself,” stresses McCroy. “I am one of the very first people to confess that there were times when I didn’t even go into the toilet until around 2 or 3 hours after lunch or even sit down for more than 5 minutes. Don’t be afraid to ask. If your legs and feet are hurting and you feel you’re getting tired Ask if anyone can take over your work for five to ten minutes so that you can sit down and have a break. move your legs, head to the breakroom, and take off shoes and take a short period of time.

Think about compression socks

“I use compression socks in conjunction with an easy-to-wear shoe, and it has been a huge help on my behalf,” claims McCroy. “I was at the point that my legs were hurting until my knees, but now, my legs don’t feel tired and pain-inducing. In the beginning, I didn’t want to put on compression socks since I didn’t want to appear like an old woman. However, I don’t mind. I frequently showcase my compression socks since they are fun to wear and have interesting patterns and designs. Compression socks can also assist to improve blood circulation.